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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Poems by Walter William Safar

Brother Mayakovsky

“Whom are you dedicating poems up there now,
Brother Mayakovsky?
Did you apologize to Yesenin?”
"Woe is me, I did not find him yet,
As the souls of the poets are like the impatient wind,
Sentenced to eternal wandering
And it was Yesenin why I came up here,
To whisper to him what I couldn't down there;
That I was inebriated with the warm blood of revolution,
So much that, high on vanity I threw a glove in his face,
The face of the only brother I could possibly have had in life!
Shall I ever join him at the table again,
The old oak table, our altar drowned by a torrent of tears,
And say: Revolution Was it worth it, my brother in ink
After all after the ploughmen's lowered heads
After the fog that is ashamedly creeping among soldier's feet?
And after the silence that echoes along the burnt land,
Louder than thunder?
Only after you arrive here, you understand
That the all-important battle is won
Without blood and victims,
In the human heart!"
“So tell me, what is it like up there, brother Mayakovsky?”
"There are no impostures, intrigues, revolutions, betrayals or greed
Up here, there is no bitterness, no dissapointment, no sorrow
There are no traces of blood in the white heavenly fields,
There are no battle cries, nor bloody footsteps
Left behind by soldier's boots,
Just a wonderful assembly of angels' hands,
And one of them took a feather from its wings, my brother,
And asked me to finally write a poem,
Or a touching verse,
So an angelic tear would drop down onto someone's face
In the morning dew!”
“I am haunted by loneliness How about you, brother Mayakovsky?"
"When loneliness wants you,
Look upon a star
And you shall know you're not alone,
Because it befriended many a gaze"
"There isn't much friendship to go around down here
What is it like up there, brother Mayakovsky?"
"When you see a legless hero,
Don't look away,
Because your gaze
Is not just your gaze
It is his gaze, too
When you see a caged bird,
Set it free,
And you will no longer be alone,
Because friendship is like freedom,
Boundless and limitless,
Like all of space in human thought;
Yes, my faraway friend,
Loneliness is not ugly
If it isn't necessary,
Just like friendship
Isn't friendship
If it's necessary
Friendship is wonderful
When bound by spontaneity,
Like a bird and freedom;
Friendship is wonderful
When it's bound by space
And nature
Yes, my faraway friend,
We don't need to see each other
To know each other,
Because if we don't meet in life,
Our souls shall certainly meet
In the white heavenly fields”.

Road of Dreams

When death leaves you alone in the dark
When your mother and father leave you early,
All you have left are faith
All you have left are dreams,
Yes, my friend, life rolls along the road of dreams,
And each dream is finished soon

Travel in peace, dreams of mine,
Into the land of color,
the wonderful land of noble memories,
So that my blind spirit might see through the turquoise moon's eyes,
So that my tired spirit finds its peace in your sacred cradle
Fly with the breath of Freedom,
So that you may sow the seed of young hope
In the courtyard of heavenly gates;

Travel in peace, dreams of mine,
To honor the many tears haunted by memories,
To honor the many stars haunted by lonely nights,
To honor the many winds haunted by prayers of the unfortunate;

Travel in peace, dreams of mine,
Into distant valleys of saturnine silences
Find your humble home
In the infinity of human tragedies,
So that you may fraternize many unfortunates
With your merciful existence,
So that my lonely spirit can see the magnificent light
In the fraternal souls of people I hold dear;

When they want to kill your hope,
hoist your flag of faith,
hoist your flag of dreams,
And keep on marching your way,
like a noble soldier of Dreams.

Walter William Safar was born on August 6th 1958 in Sherman, Texas. He is the author of a number of a significant number of prose works and novels, including "Leaden fog", "Chastity on sale", "In the flames of passion", "The price of life", "Above the clouds", "The infernal circle", "The scream", "The Devil’s Architect”, "Queen Elizabeth II", “ The Last Voyage”, Plays: “ Birdman”, “ Brothers”, as well as a book of poems.


  1. Great poetry!!....

  2. Works from issues devoted to writing in English have won awards and been reprinted in many collections. The Literary Review


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