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Monday, September 22, 2014

CLRI September 2014

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Contemporary Literary Review India
September 2014
Book Length Poem Collection
Men of Honour
Song of Silence
Walking the Untrodden Path
A Pinch of Sun
Regular Poems Collection
In the Colony of my Mind
I Still Possess You
Now There is Nothing Left But the Journey
In Place of Stillness and Solitude
Colibri for a Girl
A Lot of Beauty
A Circle
The Show Goes on!
An Elegy of Anarchy
On Blindness
Brother Mayakovsky
Road of Dreams
If Someone Knows Please Tell Me!
A Walk
Here Lies a Heart Beneath the Stone
Globalization: National Identity and Cultural Hybridization in Late 20th Century and 21st Century Novels
Shyam Selvadurai: Homosexual Tendencies, Twilight Moments and a Liberated Acceptance
Book Review
Submission to CLRI 2015 Annual Print Edition (ISSN 2250-3366) is Open Now!
Much awaited annual issue of CLRI 2015 is around the corner. CLRI seeks submission in poetry, stories, criticism, and book review.
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