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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Poems by Lepota Cosmo

Colibri for a Girl

Indigo and silk
Gentle breeze
Feathers torn
Among the paper flowers
Twigs and Kestrel
Light plays chess
On your eyelashes
The child chooses:
Between swords and hummingbirds
The girl blonde
The child chooses
Between sabers and pirates
golden girl
While the piano plays


Be carefree and mysterious
Your sky is without the sea
With the hearth instead of the sun
You don’t know how to fly
But you are the poet-hummingbird
Cormorant with bow-tie
And four sides of word
(Among the girls and

A Lot of Beauty

Like the sun among green fish
You folly and sing
looking for the sails in mirror
and founding only words
Children happy
With funny noise among water

Lepota Cosmo is a poet and translator (Belgrade, 1977), published in revistas and journals: Letras de Parnaso, Zunai, Eisfluencisias (Brasil), Ama-Hashi (Japan), Grammma (Buenos Aires), Lo Cantich, Periodico de la Poesia (UNAM Mexico), Guantini, Azahar (Cadiz) Member of JUNPA and Associação International Poetas del Mundo (Brasil).

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