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Sunday, September 21, 2014

An Elegy of Anarchy by Rinzu Rajan

An Elegy of Anarchy by Rinzu Rajan

Anarchy is their elegy
as they fly on brooms
across the length and breadth
of a city reeking in still waters.

Fattened by lies
they wear skins
that  even buffaloes would
feel the heat in.

Their shoes are torn
filled with stones
of various shapes and sizes
as they sew the seams
of borrowed dreams
from rag pickers.

You can find one
of them at street corners
luring you in their house
to fill their coffers.

They bear false witnesses
to play Chinese whispers
the rook ambles one step a time
with an army of pawns
to topple the king.

The queen bee fills her hive
and flutters around to cage in her favourite drone
'Check mate!' says the rook
The knight is off its leash.

Rinzu Rajan's muse is the universe and its people She is a Pushcartnominee for the year 2013 and her work has been featured in ThePenwood Review, The Red River Review, The Ottawa Arts Review and MuseIndia and elsewhere. Rinzu reads and writes fiction and is currentlycontent editor for Kalyani magazine. She lives in New Delhi.

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