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Sunday, December 27, 2015

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Leaf Press Services

Leaf Press – an introduction

Leaf Press provides complete solution in writing, printing and publication.
Leaf Press brings out books in various disciplines and fields. We provide end-to-end publishing solutions from editing and proofreading, manuscript editing, book cover designing, to publishing books and anthologies with ISBN. All this at a very competitive cost. Our price is 40% less than what it is with other publishers.
Leaf Press is a self-publishing agency, which differs from traditional publishing method in many ways.

Our Services

We don’t divide our services in different packages as many other publishers do. We have a single and complete publishing system.

Pre-publishing Services

•Book cover designing
•Book layout designing

Post-publishing Services

•Book review
•Publishing book review in our literary journal
•Conducting author interview


•Enlist books on most of the leading online bookstores including Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Apple as soft copies and/or POD as per our partners’ business models.
•Make available with wholesalers and retailers in India.

Distribution and Marketing

In distribution and marketing, we follow a mixed method, both of traditional publishing and self-publishing. We believe that publishing or printing a book is not the only thing that we as a publisher should limit ourselves to. We firmly believe that your book should reach to as wide readers as possible. Even if the books do not bring monetary gain, they should guarantee spread of your thoughts.
For this we,
•Send books to various libraries in India.
•Enlist books on as many bookstores as possible including Crossword.
•Enlist books on online bookstores such as Amazon, Flipkart, and so on.


•We organize book launch with the authors. If the authors are from overseas, we conduct video launch and publish it on our website.
•We send books to various literary journals, newspapers, and magazines for review.
•We conduct interviews with the authors and get them published with our sister organization Contemporary Literary Review India published.


 •We encourage authors to participate in various literary activities.
•We recommend the authors to various literary awards and prizes. We send entries on their behalf where it is free and keep the authors informed regularly.
•We ask the authors to send entries where it is mandatory to send by authors themselves or if there is a fee for participation.
Note: Please note that we strive to make the authors popular for their ideas. However, when we send books to others for review, enlisting, or other activities, it depends on our partners’ will whether they do so or reject. Authors cannot claim on such promises if it is beyond our reach or control. We do not guarantee on those things, which others carry out for us. Moreover, we are ready to share the information whether we have really taken such steps. Your collaboration is highly expected.

Cost to Publishing Your Book

Our cost is 40-50 % less than any other publisher in India.
•The cost on getting fewer numbers of copies is always higher.
•MRP is the cost to a single copy of a title. Suggestive price is just an idea for promoting sale. You may keep a different price that you think better. However, a lower price is always an attractive factor for sale. Hence, you may keep Rs. 199.00 per copy irrespective how many copies you get published.  
•Distribution depends on how many copies you leave with us. If a writer prefers that we do promotion for him/her, we may ask for some more copies. This will be only with a mutual agreement.
Mobile: +91-87938-82210.

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