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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hues Divine by Anuradha Dorepally

Hues Divine by Anuradha Dorepally

Hues which paint your varied thoughts
Shades vivacious that add vivid dots
Tones that help you wipe a tear
Dyes that make you delve dear
Into the realms of soul as prayer

Somber, pastel, silent, jubilant
Fathom the tinges all different
Add the strokes that make life finest
Like earthen shades soothing and modest
Lighten the lives gloomy and hardest

Dash of drops—elixir to see the eyes twinkle
Wooden, turgid, staid, stains sedate
Sponge them up and smiles serene sparkle
Absorb the colours, insipid and bland
Smear them lofty, splendid and grand

For sure they are the hues of divine—
The Holi colours pure, pious and sublime.

Author's Bio: Presently pursuing PhD in English Literature from Dravidian University (Kuppam), Anuradha Dorepally teaches English at Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology (S.I.S.T), Ghatkesar, Hyderabad (A.P.).

In Hues Divine Anuradha paints a myriad of colours which make life pleasant. She celebrates Holi more than as a festival. She finds a powerful verve in colours that bring joys abound and eliminate all woes.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Muslim Community has Failed as a Community by Khurshid Alam

Muslim Community has Failed as a Community by Khurshid Alam

"Muslim community has failed as a community"

Muslim community has failed as a community. It has not developed educationally, culturally, economically and politically when compared to other communities. The community is not apace with time and changes. This phenomenon is worldwide excepting a few examples.

But is there any introspection into this? Some give reasons but the Muslims do not agree to, and the Muslims themselves do have no clue into this. In absence of introspection, there seems to be no remedy in place and there seems no hope of change till far distance.

"Muslims suffer from a unique syndrome—move upward but silently"

It is important to note that there is no dearth of intellectuals among the Muslims but they are divided, basically in their approaches. On the basis of approaches, Muslim intellectuals can be divided into two types: one type is of that group which is silent on all issues. Such Muslims suffer from a unique syndrome—move upward but silently. They fear to talk about modern changes even though they may be following them to better their life. They change themselves but they do not talk on them much and in public. They do it silently.

For example they adopt family planning programs (to control population) but they do not have the courage to say in public that they have stopped child birth deliberately, prefer one-wife norm and have aversion to polygamy but they do not raise voice against those who go for it, educate their female children (as well as male children) and encourage them to take service or job but they do not fight against those who force their female children in seclusion or parda.

"they have reservation about whether modern changes have compatibility with their religion"

This group of silent Muslim intellectuals (SMIs) has given birth to the Muppies culture which is much in discussion nowadays and which is not behind on any front of progress. This shows that the Muslims understand that they have to change but they have reservation about whether modern changes have compatibility with their religion. So they fear they would be at the risk of rejection if they pronounce changes openly. Moreover, this chunk is too small and does not help to change the image of the entire community. However, their silence is not desired as it does not promote progress down the ladder of the society. Progress is not fast and does not impact all sections of the society.

"they seem to be sure that Islam is incompatible with modern changes"

Second type is of Muslim intellectuals gone awry, they go one step further and voice against Islam the religion. The reason behind such an attitude is that they seem to be sure that Islam is incompatible with modern changes just opposite of the SMIs who think modern changes incompatible with Islam. They think it is too hard to bring changes at the mass level in the Muslim community and so they should better dissociate from the mainstream Muslim community as early as possible.

"non-Muslims take them as the real intellectuals"

Voicing against a religion (Islam in this case) or a culture is an easiest art, it brings the persons in limelight in a flash and they do disassociate themselves from the community successfully. Unfortunately those who are non-Muslims take them as the real intellectuals. They think such Muslims are talking on the subject, which has not been much talked upon traditionally and so they need support to enjoy the freedom to say against, no matter what they say. And they buy such rebels and pamper them.

There are many examples of such Muslim intellectuals who vomited venom against Islam and earned name among the non-Muslims (though at the same time they became infamous within their own community). Salman Rushdie became famous for his mis-adventurous Satanic Verses, Taslima Nasrin for Lajja, and most recently A Hirsi Ali, a famous writer, has joined the same league—they all have time and again jumped into the subject which involved religious controversies. They were against the popular voice that the largest Muslim community holds to.

"They are the greatest marketers along with being intellectuals"

Can anyone say what good Salman Rushdie gave or did to the society? Or what people like Taslima Nasreen, and Hirsi Ali achieved as people like Amartya Sen and Muhammad Yunus achieved by doing good to the society. (Sen and Yunus have revolutionary ideas that are democratic and different from the convention). Yes they achieved one thing for sure: they all have secured their positions in their respective jobs. They are the greatest marketers along with being intellectuals.

"no religion on earth is compatible with modern changes"

It is high time that the Muslim community should introspect the reason of under development? It should adopt modern changes and progress on the same scale as other communities are doing. But the Muslim community seems scared of even discussing how to change the entire perspective. Somewhere the Muslims fail to understand that no religion on earth is compatible with modern changes yet other communities are progressing and that they are not in a position to accept that the modern changes need not be interpreted through religion all the time. In other words, religion should not be let define social, cultural, and political spheres of life.

"Muslims are the greatest sufferers from both the sides"

The Muslims need people like Asghar Ali Engineer, a promising reformist; M J Akbar, a famous journalist of par excellence; and Azim Premji, a business baron; in larger number. They need to be more proactive and should talk much on the social issues, progressive thoughts, and changes in the open to spread them to the common people. Perhaps the Muslims need greedily an Aurobindo Ghosh to re-interpret Islam, a Raja Ram Mohan Roy to re-define social changes, a Mahatma Gandhi to re-address politics, a Mustafa Kemal Pasha to ensure a secular administration; and not an Osama-bin-Laden or a Talibanic ideology which can do nothing but create a fear of terrorism, which in turn creates a sense of insecurity both for the Muslims and the non-Muslims; and the Muslims are the greatest sufferers from both the sides.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Silent Revolutionary by Khurshid Alam declared winner

The Silent Revolutionary by Khurshid Alam declared winner

One of my stories titled The Silent Revolutionary has been declared the winner in an All India Creative Writing Contest run by a bilingual magazine Kaal4Flash (read as ‘Culture Flash’) based in Kolkata. K4F is to bring out a magazine with the writing pieces of the winners from all categories.

In this story I have depicted a character who belongs to a society where a change is not accepted –a change is regarded rather as an aberration. The protagonist likes changes as he wants to keep apace with time. He implements changes on himself but at the same time is scared from the people. He feels he would be at risk if the people of his society take notice of his behavior. He fears he would be threatened, beaten, or even banished. So he keeps his revolutionary ideas secret but he follows them as soon as he gets an opportunity.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

55 Fictions or 55-Words Fiction by Khurshid Alam

55 Fiction: Three new 55-Words Fictions or 55 Fictions.

At Sankalp

At Sankalp they met after a long time, talked after a long gap, enjoyed life after a long span. Yawned with long mouth, sighed with long breaths; their everything-long snap was ever rememberable.

The Cane Corso

The Cane Corso, an Italian type of mastiff, is trained not to bark at the strangers. They are left to the stray canine affair. The CC will guard its master and open the chance for a vacancy for a human care taker.

The Irritant Maulvi

A maulvi encouraged the audience to ask questions—to show his brilliance at a public speech. Two boys began to query even at smallest things. The audience was amazed at his brilliant replies. ‘These mother fuckers are rascals; they ask silly questions. I can’t continue.’ All were spellbound to see the maulvi’s face turn blue.

Note: The word 'maulvi' in Urdu means a religious preacher of Islamic tenet.

Monday, July 12, 2010

55 Fictions or 55-Words Fiction by Khurshid Alam

Here are three new very very short stories that belong to the 55 Fiction or 55-Words Fiction genre.

Television is an Art

Once Woody Allen said, “Life doesn't imitate art, it imitates bad television.” To this I added politely, “And television is an art.”

The JAM Game

The HR invited all the employees to the JAM game to celebrate the company’s inaugural anniversary. All jumped in the deschooling program. They were no engineers, QAs, writers, and managers any more. They went prancing with toffees, chocolates, and fruits.

Her Photos at Matrimonial Sites

She posted advertisements on many matrimonial sites when I was beside her. She showed me her beautiful photos there; and allowed me to add more adoration to her bio.

She said she could marry me but she had a different faith. She passed many days and nights with me without a plan though.

Monday, July 5, 2010

55 Fictions or 55-Words Fiction by Khurshid Alam

55-Words Fiction or 55 Fiction is a Short Short Story genre. In other words, 'it is a form of microfiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.'

Here I'm presenting two stories from a collection of my 55 Fictions.

The Red Corridor

History is a most colourful treatise. Some most heinous crimes of the world have also painted the chapters.

You can’t pass safe through the Red Corridor. You can hear the blustering of people, army, and police across Dantewada>Narayanpur>Chhatisgarh through Nepal>Bihar>Andhra Pradesh>India!

Playing God

Ekta Kapoor has made television a platform to play god. In her soaps, you can see many people dying and coming alive after each next few episodes. Many have grown their bones but the skin yet glow. Other young players play old.

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Poems 'Mirror Filled with Guilt', 'The Root', 'Voyeurism', 'Plagiarism' published with ken* again

Four of my new poems Mirror Filled with Guilt, The Root, Voyeurism, Plagiarism are published with ken* again in Vol. 11, No. 2, Summer 2010.

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