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Monday, August 5, 2019

Our Services

Editing & Proofreading Service

We edit and proofread essays, research papers, academic curriculum and book manuscripts to maintain high standard language in English. We check plagiarism and make the writing authentic, provide editing certificate if required, and training research scholars to prepare the research papers and theses in the best professional way. 

We have edited research papers for research scholars from various colleges, universities and institutes of high repute both from India and abroad including IIT-Bombay, Bombay University, VIT-Pune, Andhra University, Delhi University (India), Madras University, Nagpur University (India), Pune University, Jamia Millia Islamia, JNU (Delhi), IIT-Gandhinagar (Gujarat), ISRO (Ahmedabad), Lucknow University, BHU, University of Kolkata, University at Albany (New York) and many other universities.

Book Review Service

Get your book reviewed by our expert reviewers who will help to promote your book. We (i) write a book review. (ii) publish the review in our literary journal Contemporary Literary Review India (iii) conduct interviews with the authors whose book we review. (iv) publish the interview in our media publicity house Authors & Books. We aim to keep you more in media circulation.

There is a fee for book review. Please let us know if you prefer this service so we can share the fee.

Book Publication

Leaf Press publishes books, anthologies and academic books with ISBN. We bring out books in paperback, digital and PDF formats. We specialize in publishing English literary books including fiction, story and poetry anthologies, PhD thesis papers and critical analysis.

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