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Sunday, December 27, 2020

CLRI November 2020 Released

CLRI November 2020: Vol. 7, No 4 brings to you a beautiful collection of research papers, stories, essay, poems, and book reviews. Now we bring out each issue in two editions, online (ISSN 2394-6075) and print (ISSN 2250-3366). We send our print copies widely to different libraries in India and the paid subscribers. All the paid subscribers will receive the print copies of our issues in due time. Distribute publication news Share your publication news to as many friends as possible via social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and request them to read and comment on your articles. This will increase the possibility to attract high page views of your article and being rated the best-read authors. We rate the most-read authors as best authors and nominate them to various prizes and awards. However, this depends on various factors such as: 1. Paper of high standard 2. Conforming to our submission guidelines 3. Traffic to your article We record visitors and downloads to each article to base the author worth. Grow your writing career As a writer, you must join writers’ associations, join newsletter to the journals, share your writing on social networking sites, discuss about various topics among friends and writers, register yourself with professional organizations such as ORCiD, ResearchGate, Google Scholar, and so on. Subscribe to Contemporary Literary Review India 1. One year subscription. 2. You get four (4) issues in paperback edition shipped to your address in a year against your annual subscription at the price of Rs 2000.00 only. (One individual copy is priced at Rs 699.00 and the shipping charge is Rs 100. This means Rs 699 + 100 = 799 x 4 = Rs 3196). Please make the payment online also. Social Media CLRI is on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and other social media. Connect with us. Recently we started our channel on YouTube. Here we will release interviews, literary discussion, poetry readings and how-to videos. We invite authors to connect with us.

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