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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Grow Your Academic Career

Write, Edit, Comply

When you write research papers, stories, poems or anything else, give utmost value to your writing. Comply with the submission guidelines of the journals where you aim to submit. Consider yourself an effective writer and not an arrogant one. Do not be in a hurry to send raw materials. Write, edit, and comply should be your mantra for getting published. For more information, see Editing &Proofreading.

Avoid plagiarism, write original content, and use citation properly. For information, see What is Plagiarism in Research Papers?

Grow Your Academic Career

Once your writing is published, circulate the publishing news through all platforms you have access to. This establishes your brand image and creates a wide readership base. Contemporary Literary Review India nominates writers to various prizes and awards based on page views and readership. For more information, see CLRIStarted Nomination for Awards.

Have a clear idea to get published in journals as per UGC-CARElisted journals. All journals which are peer-reviewed and open access, have ISSN, and command good publishing impact factor are considered at par with UGC-CARE listed journals whether any journal is listed or not. Don’t restrict yourself from publishing with more and more journals. For more information, see Spread Words, Distribute Your Publication.

Be Professional

As a writer, you must behave professionally. You must join writers’ association, join newsletter to the journals, share your writing on social networking sites, discuss about various topics among friends and writers, register yourself with professional organizations such as ORCiD, ResearchGate, Google Scholar, and so on.

Subscribe to Journals

Many times, writers shun off from subscribing to journals, especially if there is a fee for subscription. Typically, writers expect journals and publishers to support writers but they themselves do not find interest in supporting journals and publishers.

Know the types of fee any journal asks for. If a journal asks fee for publishing article, it is unethical. While the reading fee or subscription fee is ethical.

Book Reviews

We receive huge response for book review. If you have written a book and looking for a book review, submit your book for review. See the detailshere.

Authors & Books

We promote authors and publish book releases, book reviews and interviews. If you have got your book published, check here for lots many activities.

Book Promotion

We are making our new book title Key to Happiness by Khurshid Alam available for free. Download your COPY now.

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