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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hues Divine by Anuradha Dorepally

Hues Divine by Anuradha Dorepally

Hues which paint your varied thoughts
Shades vivacious that add vivid dots
Tones that help you wipe a tear
Dyes that make you delve dear
Into the realms of soul as prayer

Somber, pastel, silent, jubilant
Fathom the tinges all different
Add the strokes that make life finest
Like earthen shades soothing and modest
Lighten the lives gloomy and hardest

Dash of drops—elixir to see the eyes twinkle
Wooden, turgid, staid, stains sedate
Sponge them up and smiles serene sparkle
Absorb the colours, insipid and bland
Smear them lofty, splendid and grand

For sure they are the hues of divine—
The Holi colours pure, pious and sublime.

Author's Bio: Presently pursuing PhD in English Literature from Dravidian University (Kuppam), Anuradha Dorepally teaches English at Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology (S.I.S.T), Ghatkesar, Hyderabad (A.P.).

In Hues Divine Anuradha paints a myriad of colours which make life pleasant. She celebrates Holi more than as a festival. She finds a powerful verve in colours that bring joys abound and eliminate all woes.

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