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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Silent Revolutionary by Khurshid Alam declared winner

The Silent Revolutionary by Khurshid Alam declared winner

One of my stories titled The Silent Revolutionary has been declared the winner in an All India Creative Writing Contest run by a bilingual magazine Kaal4Flash (read as ‘Culture Flash’) based in Kolkata. K4F is to bring out a magazine with the writing pieces of the winners from all categories.

In this story I have depicted a character who belongs to a society where a change is not accepted –a change is regarded rather as an aberration. The protagonist likes changes as he wants to keep apace with time. He implements changes on himself but at the same time is scared from the people. He feels he would be at risk if the people of his society take notice of his behavior. He fears he would be threatened, beaten, or even banished. So he keeps his revolutionary ideas secret but he follows them as soon as he gets an opportunity.

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