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Sunday, September 21, 2014

On Blindness by Tayeb Bouazid

On Blindness by Tayeb Bouazid

The world in its enlightened groom
Seems short
yet perverted.

It is the heart not the eyes
that impairs the shape of the world
in its fullest shade.

The world we see is crystal clear, a daylight
that may peep to the shortsighted
unequally the same.

For oft the one eyed profused in contempt
reflecting alone
A deep sigh engraving
the loss of the other eye
That the blind in remorse
longs to obtain.

He contented himself with the inner darkness
Wrapping his eyesight
living his world alone.

A world that the creature enlightened
with mystic visions
The vision of the heart surpassing the eye
That inward eye the sane eyed man
do not possess.

Fair creatures, vision seekers
do not to time cede
Lo ! how Louis Braille transcended blindness
To transform the lives
of millions of folks.

Helen Keller the American deaf-blind writer,
Conveyed through her lectures
The real functions of the activist.

Be proud , the blind men are in history taking helms
See Juan Carlos Gonz├ílez Leiva –The Cuban lawyer
In his stand- a pillar for the Cuban
Foundation of Human Rights of the BLIND.

See Miles Hilton-Barber – The British traveler and climber
Together with James Holman then the Blind Traveler so called.

The eye not to the world may confine
The truth that we oftentimes hide
A blind may surpass in vision the sane
in his ethereal competing time.

Where is Homer –the Ancient Greek orator
of the epic poems the Iliad and the Odyssey ?
Where is John Milton –the Poet who was blind
for the last twenty years of his life?

And though Milton lost his first eye
under the physicians’ pursuit
He procrastinated not in writing
his books on Paradise Lost
He lost his second eye
yet not his writings compelled.

What bravery that modest scrivener
to the world had shown
In his deep search for illumination
A light that some lost others behind
might find of merits to the mind.

Lo ! how precious eyesight to writings compare
That Milton did never falter to devote.

In the same wave Nikolai Ostrovsky, Aldous Huxley
Ved Mehta, Jorge Luis Borges and Taha Hussein
Had to the world shown their great talent
 engraved their names.

God alone the supreme
had in life them endowed
with an enflaming flame
That lightens in black nights
when torches to destinations redeemed.

Nabil our great scholar in his long eternal muse
Had thought it right all right
That success was not an easy game to gain
Hence he cast away laziness in a peevish hurry
And Wrapped for his master degree
With an offhand ease that he profused in time.

He swam and strove the meddling waves
As a brave soldier standing on his alert.

The world is light for the blind
As the night is dark for the sane
The blind , should no more be seen belittled
For richness in hearts and faith abide.

The blind that in his demeanour oft misconceived
Can travel to far distant summits marking his fame

Let us then observe the Ugandan-Norwegian athlete
Tofiri Kibuuka - One of the first three blind people
To reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro
With pride that echoed his warm chest and breast.

And not far from the same trend, Erik Weihenmayer
The First blind person to reach the summit of Mount Everest
Venturing time, defeating the pleasure of his own rest.

See how those who see are often blind
For the truth in them
Is not yet discerned
Hence,we may live blind
yet with true vision
Than eye sane with bad deeds
widely prolific.

The blind , my dear , had over time challenged
And defied the world with strong records
The blind is no more to the chairs confined
But roves the world and sets the alerts on the scenes.

See Doc Watson – the guitarist and Stevie Wonder
In his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
And Song writers Hall of Fame inductee.

See Terri Gibbs – the country music singer and musician
Lulling Akbar Khan the Indian singer.
See Maati Bachir in his golden voice
Echoeing the Algerian music Halls
in solo , the swans Oum Kalthoum and Saliha the Little great
Chanting whetting their throats

Amidst the world of the blind names are in constant rise
See Esref Armagan, the Turkish painter
Who was born blind
See Didymus the Blind – the Ecclesiastical writer
of Alexandria
See Ed Lucas –the Sports writer and Francis Joseph Campbell –
the Anti-slavery campaigner

See Colin Low, the Dalston, Member of the British
House of Lords.

Blindness, this faculty, stirs
the spirits in muse,
Long pages in ink scriveners
will not suffice
In conveying the secrets
The blinds may enfold.

The world counts in deeds yet not in years,
That man’s outward eye
Often failed to contemplate and gaze.

At times ,onlookers project in distant their views
Yet they missed the target,
They missed the promiscuities.

The blind may scent his tears when rightly shed
For having not touched and not felt the unseen
Yet, the sane may lose his tears in remorse
For having wept for the mirage yet in vain
See the blind and appease his ailed heart
Lest his inner traits forget the appaling awe
And laugh in serenity the mocking world
The world of eyen two, yet in essence blind.

Tayeb Bouazid is a graduate and postgraduate lecturer in the English Department University Mohamed Boudiaf, Msila, Algeria. He has an MA in psycho pedagogy and TEFL, a MEd (with specialisation in Environmental Education (UNISA) and a Teacher Trainer Certificate of Advanced Studies from Lancaster University. In addition, he is recently awarded a completion certificate with Middle East Partnership of the best practices in teacher training programs. Mr Bouazid is a freelance writer for the London School of Journalism and he is a sixth year doctorate student at the University of Batna, Algeria.

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