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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Poems by Dilip Mohapatra

Men of Honour

They stir
a spoonful of sun
into their
daily concoction
of cappuccino
and incinerate
with their esoteric

They rip apart
their bowels
with their
Samurai swords
and hold
in their palms
till they dry.

They sail
the expanse
of cumulonimbus
on a hemorrhagic
chests forward
and heads held

Song of Silence

Brush strokes
of pellucid water
blend with
and voiceless
on a sheet
of white canvas
an endless
ineffable stretch
of a Möbius band.

Bodiless mindless
and an eternal
lifts your
to merge with
the cosmos
in a subliminal

Walking the Untrodden Path

As I stand on the crossroads
figuring out which road to take
I discover a track covered
with wild green grass and weeds
dry leaves carpeting it on a thick layer
which perhaps seldom heard
the sounds of
footsteps approaching
or receding
and I decide to walk that stretch
without knowing where will it lead.

I take calculated steps
careful of the possible thorns
or the centipedes which may be
inadvertently quashed under my feet
But soon each step becomes
a joyful celebration
a path-breaking exploration
that lifts my soul
leading me to the hitherto unknown
and the scene unfolds
revealing that stayed hidden all this while
the perfumed garden saturated
with the virgin smell
of the flowers in bloom
which no one had inhaled so far.

There is no traffic signal
no lane and road divider
no cops with their watchful eyes
only me, the lone traveller
all by myself
with no care whatsoever
no longer conscious of
what anyone would say
doing my own things
what I wouldn't dare otherwise
avoiding the swamps
and quick-sands
and picking up nuggets on my way.

I know I shall leave a tell-tale trail
no longer will the path
be marked untrodden
and someone else will venture
some other day
to follow me on my track
to walk for sometime on this
less travelled road
till he discovers
another dark corner
another dilapidated possibility
another untrodden path.

A Pinch of Sun

I have seen
the tiny
silent ripples
on your lips
swelling into
towering waves
in high tide.

I have seen
the whiff of
breeze in your
turning into
untamed tornados
to sweep
me away.

I have seen
the fistful
of sands
that u let go
and spanning
out to
form unending
dunes beyond
the horizons.

I have looked
into your
limpid eyes
and sighted
a little patch
of the azure sky
that opens up
and pans out
to the blue
and I walking on
the clouds.

Now I look
for just a
little ember
that may
leap up
into an inferno
to light up
and consume
both of us
and burn us
to cinders

I crave now
a pinch
of sun.

Dilip Mohapatra, a Navy Veteran started writing poems since the seventies and his poems have appeared in various international and national literary journals like the Muse India, Helix Magazine, Chiaroscuro Magazine, the Missing Slate, etc. His poems have also featured in the International Poetry Yearbook 2013. He did his Masters in Physics at Ravenshaw College, Cuttack. Post Navy, he held senior leadership positions with the Tata and Suzlon groups of companies. Currently he is the Chief Mentor and Strategic Advisor to KIIT University, Bhubaneswar. He lives with his wife in Pune.

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