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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Poems by Rimni Chakravarty


I keep telling myself - smile all the while,
Again assure to weep, you need in lifes trip.
Tears are those pearls that burst out the dark clouds
Away from the face and run lifes race,
Renewed with energy I know no bounds.
I keep telling my inner me; be not afraid dear,
Often you shed a drop of tear,
These may fall like rains, but tear you out from chains.
You may wet your pillow, at the same grow.

The Show Goes on!

Dusk or dawn, life goes on
The players are on the stage, days after days.
The Ship sails, the shipwreaks,
Promises fulfills and breaks,
Life goes on, dusk to dawn.
Strong winds blow and strange fits of depression I undergo.
I know not what melancholy was!
Who could tell me what heaven does?
A pilgrim on a voyage can’t afford visuualising a parrot screaming on the cage.
In this stretch of vast ocean, many times wreathe in pain,
Without an anchor! Again pull myself to reach the harbour,
Finally bye-bye sorrow, I anticipate the next morrow,
Meanwhile I smile, with a vision, as it’s my mission
To ignite fire that water can’t entinguish the burning desire.


Idly busy all the while
I scribble a few lines and pair up words in rhymes:
I compose what I call is a poem, although without any name.
One after the other, I compose my poems,
And enjoy these word games.
Always the business of the idle,
You need not run a cross country or hurdle.
With this device of rhetoric,
I call my poems a well kniitted fabric,
To depict stories, and never expect glories.

Rimni Chakravarty is an Assistant Professor, Department of Engineering Sciences and Humanities, Siliguri Institute of Technology, Sukna-734009, Darjeeling. She loves to write articles, short stories and poems.

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