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Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Circle by Malvika Gupta

A Circle by Malvika Gupta

A circle
A whole
is broken
into its parts;
The Tree of Life,
it’s leaves
have all fallen;
it’s bareness
an emptiness for
all to see;
Yin and Yang
have this time
become not
complementary opposites
but opposites;
The rose is a thorn
like a knife
that continuously
pierces the heart
the pain is continuous and  unceasing;
Oh! What has become
of hearts turned to stone?
The stormy waves crash around those
who were one but now none;
A dark thunderous sky sounds its fury,
urging them to remain untouched in their safe haven/heaven,
their island: to once again, quickly become, eternally one.

Dr Malvika Gupta (BA (Journalism/English), cum laude, and MA (English), Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; PhD,  Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), New Delhi) was born, raised and educated in the United States and has lived and travelled to many countries, but has made India her home for over a decade. She has published articles in international journals and has presented papers at international and national conferences; is a part of the editorial board of the international journal, Literary Paritantra (Systems); was conferred the national award, “Young Systems Scientist Award 2011” by the Systems Society of India as “a young flag-bearer of the systems movement for outstanding contribution to Literary Systems”


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