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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Postcard to Mom By Valery Petrovskiy

Postcard to Mom

By Valery Petrovskiy

Just show me your palms:
I’d like to drink water
From out of your
Cupped hands.
Let a drop of my tears
In the smallest of your palm
You fondled me a lot
With your hands,
You raised me up to heaven
Not once,
When the Earth rested against your feet,
And clouds
Covered up
My infantile

The world happened to be
Not so small
As the log hut
On a steep bank was,
Where in a little window
Celestial distance
Would close up,
And a rowan tree knocked
The windowpane
In the morning.
There is no more
Little cabin there,
I’ve lost the key to its front door.
…And Mom is lonely waiting
For a postcard
My playthings.

Valery Petrovskiy graduated from VKS Higher School, Moscow in Journalism. His work was published in CLRI, Literary Yard, Missing Slate, Ivory Tower, elsewhere. He is the author of short story collections “Into the Blue on New Year’s Eve” (Hammer and Anvil Books, 2013), “Tomcat Tale” (Editura StudIS, 2013).
A Pushcart Prize nominee and a finalist to Open Russia's Literary Contest, 2012, he resides in a remote village by the Volga River, Russia.

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