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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Poems By Nikita Parik


By Nikita Parik


Bitter hospital air, coupled
With the cacophony of foreign smells,
Makes her squirm
With unease
Scarlet roses in green vases
Wilt comfortably in the costly air
Of the MD's chamber.

Essentially Existential…

Beyond the gigantic stretches of vacuumed blue,
Beyond the spatiotemporal laws and rules,
Beyond love and hope and faith and virtue,
Beyond the ubiquitous questions of ‘ich’ and ‘du’,

Lies the eternal truth.

Nikita Parik, 21, hails from Calcutta, India, is currently pursuing Masters in Linguistics from the University of Calcutta. Her works have appeared in The Commonline Journal, Femficatio, Blackmail Press, Efiction India, A Billion Stories, and The Voices, and she awaits publication in the anthology "Dampen to Bend" by Coal and Femficatio Publishing.
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