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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cruelty of Trust By Rahul Chatterjee

Cruelty of Trust

By Rahul Chatterjee

I pleaded her to tell what she in her did hide
But she asked me to stop and listen
And I saw her eyes which with tears did glisten
While she asked me to let this one slide

I could not look away from her pristine face
Which showed me her intricate layers of pain
Yet I pushed on her deep to my thirst insane
Which her sweet breath with poison did lace

She cried to me and at my actions she cried
She told me if she could, she would have tried
To tell me all and I told her she lied
But noticed not the ways she fought and sighed

She battled her soul and scarred herself in squall
And told me of ways which forbid her to tell
But I pointed fingers as all Rome did burn and fall
And let her emotions flow out of heart’s dark hell

I held up trust and I exhibited honour’s way
Clanking empty pail of secrets she kept with me
She tried to tell that it was not for glee
That she would not tell what was not hers to say

I shook the witnesses from Jehovah’s stand
I awakened the serpent from Judas’ land
I found for her what I held in my hand
And held it dangling for her to withstand

Cruelty you forget what the soothsayer speaks
With mirrors which tell of my wells and leaks
I may be a cruel tyrant and I might greenly lust
But blind she was to my longing for her trust

I pined for her all night and craved her all day
Her secret may die in the safety of her breast
The child and mother with chiffon drapes did play
For tonight I saw the exalted love’s way
As she burnt lion’s pride and honour’s fiery crest

Rahul Chatterjee is a poet who has rhythmic inclinations and loves nature. He prefers a style which reminds his readers of a flow with the natural phenomena which he uses to reflect human sentiments. He also feels that demand is a word left best to shop-keepers and rhyming schemes were deemed true singers of beauty by the Miltons and Shelleys and Tagores.

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