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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Poems By Chandramohan S

Poems By Chandramohan S

Death of a Fertile Woman

the flow of streams like clang lings of her anklets
Distant green pastures.
horizons rise and fall as wind swirls on
paddy fields like hemlines of her skirt
gangrene infested intestine
scanty rainfall. un periodic crimson.
diarrhea of poisonous emissions suffuse the rivers
stillness of barren fields .humming of pesticide resistant mosquitoes.
chemically castrated.
Nature's synthetic bore wells,
spurting scentless urine. no erections.
A void in place of the uterus.
Delta of Venus devoid of wetness of fertility.
Unhealthy ovaries .dark clouds of depression.
Premature onset of menopause .purple dream died young.
the sour vinegar of fermented side effect
of a prescription for neo liberal development
by a green eyed imperialist doctor

The Other India of Indian Farmers

(An ode to the unreported farmer suicides)

High up in the sky
even higher than where our dreams could reach
a sickle crescent was shining.
I saw India shining ads on the front-page of newspapers.
The sickle crescent has a larger self to it
it was much closer to me
though invisible
like a void in the newspapers
that failed to report suicides of my brethren.

Safron Hitler

Polarizes the nation as diverse as
flora and fauna in a jungle
into a diode of
saffron and the rest.
The pied piper rouses a tornado
unleashing human genocide to ban cow slaughter
to plunge and perish in a riot the
riot of the twice born
against rule of the people.
He use Godhra rifles to shoot down green birds
has blood on his hands.
His home state a special exploitation zone devoid of beef
riding a chariot of bigotry and hatred
blowing a conch shell of sirens for
deportation of the non-saffron masses to the graveyard
red eyes of fanaticism contagious like conjunctivitis
a rabid dog spewing venom
wearing a mask of nationalism.
His celibate life
an ill-fated
regressive attempt to suffuse our tricolor
with only the first of the three colors
and imprison the nation's subjects into antique caves of four
colours (chaturvarna)
and segregate its eves with a lakshman rekha of pink color.

Chandramohan S is an Indian poet writing in English and a social activist based in Kerala. He writes poetry on socially relevant subjects.
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