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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Poems By Deeya Bhattacharya

Poems By Deeya Bhattacharya

Indulgent October

The impish blue, slowly fades
into a nebulous white;
Somewhere in this drab dullness
when the dew is fresh and crisp
a cat ceaselessly , purrs;

The attic is indelible
with remembrances of yester night
stalwart October’s dampness
chill of the wee hours; unabated
a warm sip of water from my flask

The early croon of birds
their languid squeamishness
not a spoilsport at all,
a mood enhancer but at this hour.

Invincible Autumn’s spright
slowly spreads
the woodland paths not far from home
I watch the silent fall, the communion
of leaves , one by one, goaded on
to the dead beat; a patchwork
of slush and mud

It is procreant
every flaw to hide, blemish to withhold
for its time , this hour
to replenish;

My limb invalid grows,
my bosom empty, my bed deterrent
a reminder,  this being just a phase
a passing away of in adequacy
that has crept in
on a sullen October dawn.

Fooled In April

Dusty crevices,
suck up your mane
you, a fool, puddle like
in yellow camisole, squirm

the gin and bread, by the stove
flare you up
emotive in dream swollen eyes
catapult a time in memory
waiting the final ordeal
the applaud, that never be-

a fool , justified
in bedimmed eyes
spilling midnight oil till
that swallowed up , everything
aside the penny, the chill, brittle bones
that break from the aftermath of penurious labour

that night, many a nights after
misty eyed, you slap dashed while
crumbling silences evolved negative.

From A Baghdad Rose

Silence gathers on the fringes of a Baghdad Rose
It's succulent fleshy stem hems in all the happiness-
expected on its petals- the theraeuptic dew holds on-
nourishing it: complete

This silence communes mystique-its ethereal beauty
trapped within its petals-speak of no imperfection.

The velvety sheen it wears, unravel Arabian Nights
the shimmering lust curtained veils the libidous glow
of a feminine form to be despoiled;

Years of laxity, stain accumulates on its time-bound history
the harem- the harness

But all these- a wasteful reality we chew

Why should all this settle in the consciousness

Into A New Dawn

Into the forays of darkness
At the moment, when dawn descends
On the Mother Earth
She alights-
With a rustle here
And a footfall there
Of the elements of nature
She’s no doubt a beauty to wonder at-

It’s still dark, now
With the morning breeze flowing
Against my face my bare arms
As kisses of my beloved
I wonder how they chill-
Zephyr’s assistants

A muteness prevails at this hour
So delicate-
Waiting, the intense livid ball-
The morning sun
Yet to arise from its bed
And shed its rays on Mother Ochre

The wee hours of the morning stealthily arrive
Against the pale blue, the far
And faded sky-
I watch pensively
As a tiger stalking its prey
I want the in-thing, the beauty
To drink-

But Oh look! She’s arrived-
The fair maiden morning
And how she flirts
With crooning birds
And filled with sound
Of the early dawn
Dwellers, her mates, sworn in
She’s  so sprightly and  cheer, in secrecy
She’s hazy and frosty and pink perhaps
Against her pale skin and cheeks
As if of a maiden blushing, apart
Anticipating her anguished lover. 

Born, in the Industrial town of Durgapur, West Bengal, Deeya Bhattacharya pursued her schooling in Carmel Convent. After post-graduation in English Literature from the University of Burdwan, she did a degree on Education under the same University. Currently, she teaches English and poetry at a High School under the Govt. of West Bengal; India.
She is a bilingual writer and contributes to several journals in her mother-tongue.
Her poems have appeared in Poetry World, Journal of Literatures in English, Gulbarga University, All-Round Monthly (Faridkot) and the website: for children, Dimdima in print, contemporary Vibes ( Chandigarh) and other several anthologies.

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