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Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Final Journey By Bharat Trivedi

My Final Journey

By Bharat Trivedi
In despair, I contemplate
ending my miserable disease-ridden life!
My body is damaged beyond repair
And so intense is the anguish that I can barely bear.
I'm a worthless mess helpless , a broken man and
my future is just infirmity and agony
so I’ve decided it all ends tonight…
so I will exit and leave the world to be a better place
leaving  nothing but only
broken dreams and fading thumbprints…Not a rope, a blade, a fire, a plunge or pills it was,
but to live each day, was stealing my soul!
so I opened the door of death.
Then, the sword of time will pierce my heavy heart

I go up to my dusty desk to inscribe this last poem
Death in purple ink of fatigued pen
betrays the written yearning on a parched paper.

As the sand begins to pile up and time begins to run out;
I will put myself to eternal sleep now
And I promise you that I won’t wake up tomorrow
Saying goodbye is not the hardest part,

By dawn, this family will have one less member
but I have become a part of your life,
It’s just that I can’t bear to lose you…
Remember me for the good times we had together
and I hope that I made a memorable place in all your hearts and
touched each and every one of you in a special way

My crystal tears smudge the silky bed-sheet
Death is laughing as I cry; so I smile to conceal all my lies!
To snatch my miserable soul, ruthless death beckons me
my life sheds the skin of my body that splits apart,
and the crimson blood starts to spill on the floor
a pool of my deliberate  death…

I’m sad -
because I showered you with all my love and affection
because I won’t be there when you are dolled up as a blushing bride
because I won’t be there when you take matrimonial vows
because I won’t be there to see your children grow

I will die tonight in a shower of my own blood
while my ruby red tears blend with my poetic remains
to read this last of my poem, aloud!

My pyre below me feel like cozy cushions under my head
and ashes like malleable mattress
When you see my corpse is being carried away -
don't lament, shed any tears, or feel sorry

Don’t have crystal drops pouring down your pretty face
because I’ll see from you above the azure skies
as I’ll blend in five elemental Constituents
No sadness, no funerals -
only goodbye as the lamp of life extinguishes.
Please pray that I find a new painless world and happiness
as I enter Almighty’s abode!
and fulfill a last wish of a lonely broken man -

It is my yearning to be cremated on this desert island
and let my ashes be blown into the sands of Bahrain, amid fireworks,
and whisper a final ‘Adieu’ -
when I depart for my final journey!

Born and brought-up in Bombay, Bharat Trivdedi is a Commerce Graduate from Bombay University. He is employed as a Financial Accountant with leading Import firm in Bahrain. He has been writing poems since his college days. His works have appeared in Authors Den, Sulekha, Boloji, The Creative Pen and CLP.

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