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Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Shatter of Innocence by Sharvani H S

The Shatter of Innocence by Sharvani H S

To my dear Papa, from your Munni,
Yesterday I was lost.
He said we weren't, but I know
Far from home was his home
so empty and peaceful, so nice
He was so nice: Just like you Papa
He laughed like you and walked like you.
But then... He hugged me
and wouldn't let go!
He hurt me, Papa.
I felt bad, but he seemed happy
Was he happy that he hurt me?
He carried me home in his arms
Just like you, Papa.
But why did he hurt me?
I asked Mama but she only cried
Do you know why he hurt me?

Sharvani H S is studying an engineering course. One of my short stories was published in The Reading Hour while some poems have appeared with many online literary journals such as Kritya and The Enchanting Verses etc.

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