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Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Mouse, the Frog and the Kite by Mandal Bijoy Beg

The Mouse, the Frog and the Kite by Mandal Bijoy Beg

Aesop's fable retold
 Once two rivals - a mouse and a frog
Engaged themselves in an argument, so hot,
On who was the master of the fen
And many a fiery fights they fought.

Hiding beneath the grass the crafty mouse,
Upon his enemy sudden attacks he'd make
Oft puzzling the frog at a disadvantage
Who once forc'd his foe a challenge to take.

Gladly accepted the summon the mouse,
And the two champions on the appointed day
With a point of a bulrush each armed
Entered the field with faces beaming and gay.

A kite chanced to be hovering overhead,
Saw the silly creatures in a fight engaged
Swooped down in a wink, seized 'em both
With talons and to her young were carri'd.


Mandal Bijoy Beg (MBB) is a poet, writer, author, editor, publisher and patron of literature and human endeavour in life. Author of two books of poems That Man (1997) and Evergreen Mirthfest (1998). He is a founder of The Home of Letters, India.

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