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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fate by Tayeb Bouazid

Fate by Tayeb Bouazid

Souvenirs remained souvenirs-this is a semi-fictional portrayal of a poor family of modest income not overwhelming up to do-composed of a mother , her husband and two daughters of  conservative original descent .The  mother’s name is LAVINIA- 52 years old, she worked at home  with  a tenacious determined will to feed her breadwinners with sane income, prepared some earthenware utensils which she used to sell on market days.

Her eldest daughter, RACHEL 23- a rather red skinned shy girl, of mean demeanor, self preserving in her attitudes and prepossessing. She rather appeared open minded with psychologically well balanced personality. She was a student in Archaeology. Her second daughter, CAMELIA 19 , she was seriously ill, deeply affected by her injuries that, in the course of time, she felt engraved in her heart.

Their father  MARCELL, was 64 years old. He was a handicapped person who fell from a windmill and got a back break. Since then, he had been lying in bed with little effort to deploy.His poor surrounding deplored his situation and he had no other living source to look to. Marcell had long been a hard worker well known in the vicinity by his manly adventures.

In the nearby, there existed a rich landlady named Mrs. Joan. A well brought up lady of mid fifties known by her generosity and strong decisions- She possessed thousands of acres with a wide range of ranches, cattle and milking parlors. Mrs. Joan was a good mistress for her own property-she enjoyed this job since a long time and she as usual wanted to preserve her ancestors’ pre-occupation to raise livestock to sell milk to the village nearby.

Andy who was aged 23, a dynamic ambitious and industrious youngster went to his aunt lady Joan’s farm to spend his summer holidays in the company of the breath taking greenish pastures amongst the shepherds and the herds and the multitudes of extended spruce forests.

There, he met RACHEL and soon he fell in love with and soon  he evoked his deep latent lot to her with plenty of affections and love sensuous feelings. Bit by bit and in her cozy company Andy grew mature and responsible. He grew in constant muse about his new company and soon he felt submerged in her social problems.

Andy was affected by his girlfriend’s situation, so he  went to his aunt and mediated for a promising job to her mother, LAVINIA to ,at least, overcome some of her hard living conditions. Andy went on recounting the family wretched living conditions stating the father deplored condition to his aunt. Aunt Joan was all ears and accepted to offer her services to the subsisting family. She soon appointed Lavinia as  her assistant in the workshops of textile/pottery different sites.

During their free time, ANDY and RACHEL made tours in the natural beautiful landscapes around the workshop. One day, and to their surprise Rachel discovered the first premises of a Gold Ore as sensed through the dust where a rippling creek crossed. The ore seemed dormant for long years then as nobody dared find  it out. Rachel immediately contacted Lady Joan and soon a deal was met so that the secret remained a secret. Together, they mapped out  to give air to the new project and  promised Rachel to keep it a secret for her to exploit after her studies finish.

Marcel’s life situation worsened and illness ailed his tormented spirit as it persisted through his weakened body. He succumbed after a long suffering. Now, the family situation was at its dire situation; Lady Joan and ANDY offered the miserable family a new lodging in the farm not far from the workshops to keep Aunt Joan company, facilitated the work  and gave more chances for Lavinia to supervise.. Soon, LAVINIA was   appointed staff manager to manage Aunt Joan’s + working affairs .Her daughter CAMELIA  was  sent to ORVILLE to be hospitalized- another page opened in the caring of Camelia’s Health care.

RACHEL and ANDY had already separated as the school year had come to an end .ANDY who, studied economics at ORVILLE, heard about CAMELIA ; so he visited  her from time to time and offered his services to appease some of her heart biting awes. Life went by and days constantly renewed and visits had become rituals.

One day, CAMELIA confessed her love to ANDY ; an idea which he had never thought of. So he stood perplexed and could not believe his eyes and though he tried to make her understand that he had a love affair with her sister RACHEL, CAMELIA insisted on her love ; doctors had already stated that she was emotionally disturbed and she could risk her life in case of any love fluctuations. Hence, the matter got complicated, and Andy got confused.

ANDY who did  not know what to do, accepted his fate and day by day he grew in love with CAMELIA openly showing his heart felt emotions-He rather translated his outer feelings into latent direct intentions as he, from time to time, went on listening to her with a great care as if appointed to direct her meditative intentions. He felt no space to escape to; he was rather stuck in a quagmire.

CAMELIA was recovered from her illness and she too was appointed assistant to her mother in the workshop. Rachel  who was meticulously keeping eyes on Andy’s attitudes and motions, came  to learn about the relationship between her sister CAMELIA and ANDY. She instantly chew the cud and  became overwhelmed with craze. Her mind got divided against itself  as whether she should help her  sister emotionally disturbed state or continue her love with ANDY. A serious situation to deeply meditate up with careful reflection. So, at last, she prefered to help her sister and therefore she wished hearty success to the couple. Finally, ANDY got  married with  CAMELIA.

LAVINIA achieved a great success in her enterprises in the various workshops. Rachel got engaged with her schoolmate. During summer holidays, Rachel and her husband visited JOAN’S farm to exploit the GOLD ORE. There, ANDY and RACHEL met near the creek for an evocative heart-throbbing souvenir. A souvenir that was knit under high strains of pure sacrifices and devotion-A souvenir that grew out of nothing to engrave its trails on both sisters’ hearts showing simply that love remains love and  no one dared relinquish his own possessions to the other without Godly traced fate-Fate is in most daring time beyond our willing to change-accept it but never lump  it-it is part of our existence. 

Days went by and Camelia gave birth to a young girl that her mother decided to name her Rachel-a gift to her husband to remain in constant love with the picture of the true Rachel that ever engraved his mind –a modest souvenir Camelia could genuinely offer to satisfy her husband’s lust and meet the wants of Rachel who was engaged to one of Lady Joan’s trusted clients at Orville. Now, Lavinia is no more distressed-both her sisters are nicely wedded-she was well satisfied and could devote  herself more to Lady Joan and to her daughters’ young babies. And though she was widowed she enjoyed commuting between her daughters to see their lives embalmed with success-This is a genuine souvenir that the promising life could offer a depressed person and change his course from  a  down trodden wretched creature into  well to do living being . This is another print in one’s life .Again fate is at the doorsill-accept it and never call it bad names.

Mr Tayeb Bouazid is a graduate and postgraduate lecturer in the English Department University Mohamed Boudiaf, Msila, Algeria. He has an MA in psycho pedagogy and TEFL, a M. Ed (with specialisation in Environmental Education (UNISA) and a Teacher Trainer Certificate of Advanced Studies from Lancaster University. In addition, he is recently awarded a completion certificate with Middle East Partnership of the best practices in teacher training programs.
Mr Bouazid is a freelance writer for the London School of Journalism and he is a fifth year doctorate student at the University of Batna, Algeria.the author has already contributed to many articles writing-  Southern African Journal of Environmental Education, Vol. 26, 2009 , Arab Gulf Journal of Scientific Research, 27 (1&2): 59- 69 (2009), Per Linguam 2010 26(2): 33-49 Department of Curriculum Studies, Private Bag X1 7602 Stellenbosch, South Africa. Mr Bouazid contributed with a poem with CLRI july 2013.

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