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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Poems by Merlin Flower

Poems by Merlin Flower

Not in Vogue

decapitated in conditioning the
noises arrive, conclusive

the warnings  seem tiny
a series of finagling chances
like a dragon divided among ants

same scruffiness
fashionable endurance
bored indulgence
idle lookabout, captain

a finisher is fast and rich.

Don’t Look for a Romantic Story

I tore the page of him from the life, now what?

The images flicker......lovingly
The sound echoes.....fleetingly
The smile flows........freely

All with him in
They torture me like crows masquerading as doves and smiling at
You know, this scene will continue till
I die
Tuned on, tuned off
The subject, though, may change-should.

Merlin Flower is an independent writer and artist.

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