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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sludge of Politics by Soumya Vilekar

Sludge of Politics by Soumya Vilekar

From the gravels of earth uprise fumes,
vapors hot and morbid get emitted
decayed signs of poison appear
buried underneath the soil vestal,
chokes the smoke of the dormant volcano
lying inactive,
molten lava runs through the lanes of feared minds
flaring the irrupt
depravity rots the system in its veins
breaking out deep crevices in the heart to disbelieve…

In muck have they grown smudging with mud,
the blood stains too remain unobserved
a shroud thick insensitive to shreds of humans,
covers the slayed conscience like a corpse of humanity,
yet the messengers of cacophony rule the minds
of the country
deficit which is of noble hearts ,
once the epitome of spiritualism!
Would thy grace, another Krishna
incarnate with a crusade ,
to wipe the savage of this land
yet another Mahabharat to foretell!

Soumya Vilekar is a poet, writer and a blogger. Her works have been published in several anthologies which include her romantic poems and also verses on social issues.
She is the author of the Soul Trilogy: "Life-Inspiration to Spiritualism'' followed by The Mystic Journey, with a recent addition Suroor of the Soul – anthologies of poems with a recurring theme of romanticism mingled with spiritualism.
Her recent contribution is a collaborated diverse endeavor uniting a literary and an artistic approach in the poetry anthology Suroor of the Soul along with Shaheen S Dhanji. Soumya is from the field of powder metallurgy and holds a patent in the same. Currently she is working on a fiction novel. Soumya Vilekar lives in Sharjah, UAE, with her family.

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