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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Poems by E. Vishnupriya

Poems by E. Vishnupriya

Love Songs for You

I shan’t fetch
fragrance of first blossom.
I shan’t string
dews from morning earth.
I shan’t light
home with sun’s lantern.

I shan’t rise
moon in twilight.

I shan’t write
verse of opulent beauty.

I shan’t compose
either a love’s opus.

I shall know
my predilections for you.

I shall fold
your dreams within my lashes
see them glide before you.

I shall restore peace
whenever we fight.
Oh! Dear, dear oh!
Shut away
ruins of quarrels
out of your memory.

I shall ask you
Oh! Dear, dear oh!
benevolent troubles
innocent tears
solemnized solace
all in you.

Safety Pin
Between conflicts
when hooks and buttons rebel
a saviour comes
when six yard
threatens to slip and slither
off shoulder,

off ramp
while into strange attires
off body velcro gapes

a messiah comes
between teeth, sliding on lips

to aid
a verve dives
into layers
swims out
fishing fabric together
secure, intact.

Author's Bio: E. Vishnupriya’s poems have been published in Muse India while her first collection of English poems titled Bougainvillea is published by She lives in Bangalore.

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