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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Poems by Subhasish Das

Poems by Subhasish Das

Love and Sacrifice

Stretch arms in the air, set foot in the water
Lie down and kiss the earth; romance near fire
She in frock and me in half trouser
Cared not what world called Love
We had our own definition, an innocent play of life
Happy to have her but where? Time is shrewd.
Night passes in dark; day travels body without soul
Six strings displeasure the ear; fear to knot the future
Memories drown the brain; winter kills the heart
Once was a tale-honey, you have nothing to fear.
Gulf of years past as I mast by ocean of loneliness  
Heaven or hell on earth, I am ignorant
Tears or smile, I stand foolish
Her nameplate is craved in intricate beauty
Not wedding, but for her grave’s identity
Little pet of the mother, fumbles her cold forehead
I stand and stare, and remain only to wonder-
Dear She belongs to none, but four elements of nature
I am justified to stretch arms in the air, set foot in the water
Lie down and kiss the earth and romance near fire.

No Men’s Land

Lay stretch brother! The soul's your entity
When mingles with a place, division writes in your fate
Middle the borders welcomes your home
Safest you are! Until pointed wires curse your little life
Foot prints of those penetrate the land of one's own
or bite master's apple; sure bullets shows thy path
And hell scratch thy back.
Peace after havoc, havoc after peace...
Mine earth beneath me, your's there
As seems one's own monarch; why lay
in state of play and be a domestic frog of its well?
Retreat to your's, the neutral heavenly home.
Albeit civil race seeks joys of generation
But seven colors leap your fastened heart,
and you only a gender; no name neither shame
Like a whitish beard soul, in loss of kith and ladybird
Afar top snowy hills, lost somewhere
beyond the world.
Bury in your lease, the golden treasure
of scaleless pleasure; hide until
the aged greats discover
out the sand belong to no men
An antidote against one's own.

Subhasish Das, a graduate in English literature with honors, hails from Assam presently resides in New Delhi. He holds a diploma in Fine Arts specializing in Painting and a diploma in animation and graphics designing. He is also an indie filmmaker.

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