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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Khurshid Alam interviews Vinay Capila

Khurshid Alam interviews Vinay Capila writer of an anthology of short stories titled The Revolution and Other Stories

CLRI: How did the idea of writing come to you?
VC: I cannot recollect, I started writing stupid poems when I was in Class 10, when I was about fourteen years old. Prose writing came about ten years later. It was just spontaneous – an effort to express ones thoughts.
Vinay Capila
CLRI: If story telling is difficult or easy? Your views?
VC: I think it is fun.
CLRI: Do your stories have any message?
VC: Not necessarily, but sometimes there is a philosophical undertone to some of them. Some of them have a satirical element.
CLRI: Which story according to you is the best one in your anthology The Revolution and Other Stories and why?
VC: It is difficult to say – they are so diverse in content and tone. I like “Musings at the Farm”, because there is a lot of philosophical element there. More depth.
CLRI: I personally liked the story Fish and Chips the best. Your view.
VC: It was a ‘fun’ story; even though there is a rich mixture of pathos and irony in there.
CLRI: What according to you is the difficulty before a writer in India?
VC: I wouldn’t know, since I wrote these over a period of time, as a means of self- expression, never with a thought about publishing. However, when I decided to publish I realized how difficult it can be.
The Revolution...
CLRI: What has been the response to your anthology?
VC: I have very little idea. My publisher is not very communicative on this issue, even though I have tried to ask him a couple of times.
CLRI: Do you plan to write any book?
VC: I am currently in the process of writing a novel, which I hope to complete by the end of this year.
CLRI: What are you reading presently?
VC: A wide range of books. I am also doing audio recording of books for the visually impaired; so a diverse range of books that the NGO concerned gives me – ranging from course books to novels to religious books.
CLRI: Who are the best story writers in India and abroad?
VC: Sorry, but I am not able to answer that question.
CLRI: Given the fact that Alice won the Nobel Prize in literature in 2013 for story writing. What is your reaction?
VC: Wow! How can someone write 900 odd pages of a thriller! (?) I am struggling to complete 300 pages in what I writing now. I guess I am not very good.
Sorry, no more comments from me.

Book Title: The Revolution and Other Stories
Author: Vinay Capila
Category: Story Anthology
Publisher: Angus and Graphers Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN: 978-93-80254-05-0
Year Published: 2012
Pages: 293.
Vinay Capila (70), a graduate from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, with Honours in English Literature is a retired person now.
He has been writing short stories and poems since college days. He has recently published two books: one a collection of short stories titled The Revolution and Other Stories, and another one a poetry anthology titled Little Matchsticks

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  1. Khurshid,
    Your interview with author Vinay Capila gets into the mind of the writer.His reactions to your questions are very practical and his answers are true.Wherever, he doesn't like to answer, he just says....{no comments}.Nice interview.
    Manohar Bhatia.


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