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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Volcano by Aman Chougle

Volcano by Aman Chougle

‘I believe that: Liberty is the mother, not the daughter, of Order.’
Voltairine de Cleyre

Yesterday, a girl, a friend of mine, got drunk. She went on one of those liquor binges which last a whole weekend. Somewhere in that spree, as she was only with her girlfriends, she took few naked photos of herself. Now this may seem promiscuous, but after seeing what I have seen men do after getting drunk, I gave this a pass, cause you’ve to be fair, on average women can’t drink as men can.

Now you may wonder how I got to know about all this, surely, such information one wouldn’t share with a friend of the opposite sex, well I guess at least most of us wouldn’t. On the second day, her binge is still on. In her intoxicated state she posted those naked photos on her Facebook page, not only that, she projected herself as a hooker, and encouraged men she hardly knew, to have sexual intercourse with her through the comments section of the page. Fortunately, she didn’t actually invite them over, or else who knows what would have happened?

When I thought things were getting out of hand, I sent her a message to bring her back to her senses. There wasn’t any reply, and soon the comments from her side on Facebook stopped.

A little bewildered the whole day due to the incident, I remember I couldn’t read anything the whole time, and even when I could, it was difficult. At night being on Facebook again, naturally I wanted to check her profile. But her profile was gone, all messages, comments, everything! I guess they reported her, or somebody, a guardian let us say, took her off Facebook. Or she did it herself, who knows? I even tried calling her, but no one was picking up.

At this point I had to give it some thought: what had just happened? Why did she do that? Why would anyone, however drunk they may be, want to do that? When I get drunk, and I confess it has been tons of times, all I want to do is blast music I like.

Repression is truly an ugly thing, like a volcano in a flurry it can destroy everything. Daughter of a wealthy home, since childhood you’re expected to behave in a certain way. College in a different city suddenly offers freedom the person has never experienced before, and for few, like our friend here, it sometimes is a bit too much to handle.

 Aman Chougle is a qualified sound engineer. He loves to read, travel, and collect paintings. He's currently working on a short-film which is of his own writing.

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