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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Moon Light by Kameswara Bhradwaj Mantha

Moon Light by Kameswara Bhradwaj Mantha

I came to know the depth of moon’s insight,
As I watched it fading away in the bright day light;
Passive as a wise man in the midst of fools time,
Waited for its turn to rise and shine;
As it watched the ignorance shadowed the day,
Darkness crept inside and filled the world with dismay,
By turning day light to dark night;
Then it rose up in the dark-skies,
Shining bright in the darkness,
Ruling the dark-nights as the white Knight,
Casting rays of wisdom, which is our moon-light.

Kameswara Bharadwaj Mantha, hails from Vijayawada, India, and is currently pursuing post-graduate in science. Even though his Interest rests mostly on Physics and science, he loves spending time on writing stories and poems.

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