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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

CLRI January 2014

Contemporary Literary Review India
January 2014

Fear by Anupama Chowdhury
His Teenage Octave
Men of Dust, Men of Dusk
Cocktail Pills by Debarun Sarkar
Moon Light
The Poor Taxi Driver
My Olfactory Rememberings
Memories from the Black Decade
Anaesthetic Edge
Anklets of a Lost Habitat
Beloved Country!
The Letter from a School Girl and Chocolate
The Gush of Confidence
The Apparition of Priya Sethi
Crescent Moon My Obsession!!
Transgressive resistance in R Raj Rao’s One day I Locked My Flat in Soul City- A narratological analysis
Nature in the Poems of Chandramoni Narayanaswamy
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