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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Two Poems by Nithya Raghavan

Two Poems by Nithya Raghavan

American-Indian Daughter-In-Law
She stands before you—
your daughter-in-law,
white-skinned, sunset
pink touch of hibiscus

on the American snowfall.
A tap’s air-water pressure
congests your chest in its
prejudice and beliefs

coil around your belly;
snake hisses acid bubbles.
She is transformed, has
waxed away her

customs, falling from her
bit by bit along
with the curved black
hair on her smooth legs.

She stands before you
in the nine-yard Saree
of your ancestor’s traditions.
You’re shocked. The

society has footballed
you in its opinions, stuffed
trash into your lotus pink
tongue, renowned for

its sweet speech. A door
creeks open. She’ll be
one of the discarded
antiquities in your attic,

unheard, unspoken of…

Hollow & Empty
Your words fragment
into letters and
syllables slip and fall
into this phonetic

space, never raise their
heads at me except
in those feeble threads
of memories. I,

the sarangi instrument
standing before you
am space, void.
Blow through those

organs, sensations fall
into slumber, a
polar bear’s hibernation
nothing more than an

echo in a cave or
a wind’s commotion in
a tree trunk. I stand
before you to let those

scars fabricate into
trails of shooting stars in
the night sky. I am
what I am—Existence,

nothing more than
~hollow & empty~

Author’s Bio: Nithya Raghavan has finished her BBA at Heriot-Watt University, Dubai. Her poems can be found on, (Ghost of Words), Muse India, Kritya, Asia Writes, Qarrtsiluni and Nether magazine. She has also published articles for Nxg, The Hindu, Time Out, Abu Dhabi, letters to the editor in Khaleej Times and Gulf News and a column in Khaleej Times.

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