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Saturday, July 7, 2012

CLRI July 2012

Contemporary Literary Review India July 2012
Wish to Live: A beggar on a street in Pune (India) writing her feelings on a paper to kill silence in her life. Your life is precious. Never give up, always try to live.
Editorial July 2012
Pros & Cons of Digital Publishing by Khurshid Alam
As there are pros & cons of everything so are with digital publishing.
Discuss this topic on Kindle Community with thousands of members.
Three Poems by Akhil Katyal
For the First Few Days
Khusro and Nizam
Two Poems by Nithya Raghavan
American-Indian Daughter-In-Law
Hollow & Empty
I Do Not Have AIDS by Bestin Samuel
Even though the odds are heavily stacked against me, I am confident.
I do not have AIDS.
Haiku by Sanchita Choudhury
Winged time brings me here
Withered time emancipates
The Fifth by Dr (Ms) Prem Kumari Srivastava
Twelve years ago,
she entered the staff room.
Get Me Before It Ends by Krishna Keerthi
As the world comes to an end,
I can't find me any friend,
Three Poems by Gopal Lahiri
Sharing Thoughts
Pencil Sketch
Three Short Stories by Ron Koppelberger
Flourishes of Half Dollar Renown
A Breed of Rain
A Blessed Blossom
Pete’s Records by Valery V. Petrovskiy
“Now, let his best friend have the floor”, said a master of ceremonies turning to me.
Mukhagini by Ashok Patwari
Parvati had another glimpse of setting sun dipping in to the horizon.
Mistry's Bombay: Harmony in Disparity by Ezzeldin Elmadda
This article discusses Rohinton Mistry's portrayal of the city of Bombay as a unique locale in India...
Arts by Lord Frederic Leighton
Flaming June by L F Bennett
Book Reviews
Review on Lost In Seattle by Ghanshyam Iyyengar
Bruce Louis Dodson, in his debut novel Lost in Seattle, tracks the economic slowdown...
Review on Reading the Qu’ran by Meenakshi Chawla
We live in an unsettled and unsettling world.
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CLRI July 2012

Featured Author

Lost in Seattle 



Bruce L Dodson

                                Buy Lost in Seattle from                       

Lost in Seattle - A novel that traces social turmoil that started with economic recession in America in  2008 and impacted the society for ever.
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CLRI Quiz Vision 2012-2013

Win! Win! Win! Rs. 500/=


WIN Rs.500.00

Opening date: 1- 08- 2012                               Results & Solutions on: 1 – 09 --2012
Closing date:  31-08- 2012
(Up to 6 p.m. I.S.T)

Clue # 1:  There is a JOY/SADNESS in sweet sound That quickens tears.
Clue # 2:  Psychologically, it is felt that a child is innately ACTIVE/SENSITIVE.
Clue # 3:  In central Tibet, the salutation consists in sticking out the tongue, pulling the
                 LEFT/RIGHT ear and rubbing the left hip, making a slight bow at the same time.

Clue # 4:  To be defenseless, in the face of the armed might of so many world powers, is        virtually an invitation to AGGRESSION/ANNIHILATION.
Clue # 5:  One of the commonest human failings in a our present civilization is ANGER/GREED.

Clue # 6:  We fear and desire because we do not know what we ARE/HAVE.

Clue # 7:  There is in trouble and in sorrow no SOLUTION/SALVE and no balm like that of
                 personal affection and personal sympathy.

Clue # 8 : All philosophy….to a truly sanctified mind….is but…..matter for
                 RELIGION/DIVINITY to work upon.

Clue # 9 : The word “Witch” is not a bad word; it simply means a WRONGED/WISE woman.
Clue #10: No poetry was ever so human than Chaucer’s; none ever came more genially and
                 frankly home to its READERS/CRITIQUES.

Clue #11: Insert a comma after each slightest break of connection in the grammatical
                 construction of a clause or sentence, but not where the words are closely connected
                 in TENSE/SENSE.

(1) Spot the original word of the writer given in the capital letters and reject the alternate  word.
(2)  Copy the quotations and save them in .doc or .rtf format at your end.
(3)  Pay Rs.5/= per form for entry.
(3)  You can send as many entries as you prefer by remitting Rs.5/= per entry.
(4)  Entry without entry fee will not be accepted. 
(4)  Write your name & address in capital letters only.
(5)  You can enter your minor’s name in C/O guardian’s name. Please note the winner’s cheque will be in guardian’s name.

Name & Address : _________________________
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Signature: ____________________________
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Check it at: CLRI Quiz Vision 2012-2013.

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  1. Hello Competitors,
    I, Manohar Bhatia, with the kind support of Mr.Khurshid Alam have launched this exciting game of words.If you read these quotations carefully, you will know what priceless meanings they convey.These quotations will improve your English knowledge,skill,intelligence to a great extent, apart from giving out a worthwhile message.
    So, please get cracking and solve these 11 GEMS of Literature and win a cash prize in the bargain.
    Please post your views on this CLRI QUIZ-VISION QUIZ, so that we are able to understand you better.Thanks.
    Happy Quiz solving!
    Manohar Bhatia.


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