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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Get Me Before It Ends by Krishna Keerthi

Get Me Before It Ends by Krishna Keerthi

As the world comes to an end,
i can't find me any friend,
I stuck myself in the room of,
Loneliness I can't take off.

Chaos has got into my veins,
Repercussion is what my heart's at,
With it fights all my guts,
But loss is the only result.

I try to get my hopes all high,
Treasure all the might I live by,
Revolting the dark insight,
Forgive me oh pessimist.

One day the sun will dance again,
My eyes will downpour heaven's rain,
Grab my hand, we shall run again,
On the shore of our dreamy nations.

Author’s Bio: Krishna Keerthi is a poet.

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