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Saturday, July 7, 2012

I Do Not Have AIDS by Bestin Samuel

I Do Not Have AIDS by Bestin Samuel

Even though the odds are heavily stacked against me, I am confident.
I do not have AIDS.

Education taught me that morality is, fortunately, relative.
That I need not curb my desire to mate when I felt like.
That when I do curb, I am conforming.
Which, obviously, is for the uneducated.

The Philosophers among my friends told me that being bisexual is amazing.
As I get the best of both worlds. I was happy:
I could crack a thousand gay anecdotes and jokes, and finally walk away with my girlfriend.
And let my philosophically-challenged friends heave a sigh of relief.

When I lost myself in the vortex of carnal pleasure once, twice, thrice
With men, women and some who were children at their hearts.
I never felt a single pang of guilt. I was happy. Yes, I was. Wasn’t I?
Yes, I was.
Of course.

I’m sure this article in the magazine on my lap holds no sway over my life.
Only the brothel-visiting sex-crazy perverts get AIDS. Poor them.
I do not have AIDS.

My mind is playing too many games with me these days.

Author’s Bio: Bestin Samuel is a postgraduate in English from the University of Hyderabad, and is currently employed with the Editorial team at Cambridge University Press India, Hyderabad. He evinces keen interest in Culture Studies, Dalit Literature, Eco-criticism and Christian Studies. Having presented papers at various National and International Seminars, he intends to pursue research on Childrens' Writings and Eco-criticism. He is also a prize-winning cartoonist and poet. He can be reached at:

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