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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Poems By Revelle

Poems By  Revelle

Losing It 

Paused into a timeless abyss of impossibilities
a lapse, a moment frozen,
pining in the still winds of un-forgiveness

These un-ebbing flows insightfully outline
a ripened truth scrapped from ebony
dispersed in iron clad particles of heme unmercifully

Micro blades slice holographic strands of oblivion
hover in the deepest darkest recesses of emptiness
carved in innocence, as still as a stagnant body of water

Percolating endeavors murmur
in these abiding undiscoverable ripples
pensively sweating, oozing towards an unfathomable surface

Invisibly I pray
in-between these folds of fantasy and verisimilitude
shivering invincibly as eons press in all directions

Everything You Said 

Woken from the Slumbering feats of another decoy
I bravely wax the tides to slip between savages that keep me from my joy
Brimstone puts the fire to my feet, rings around the ridges counting defeat
Weavers mead the cloth thread by thread, reminding sanity of its tread

Hypnotic erotic fantasies blend these pages of you and me
I find some reality sitting on the banks of bottom shore
I find something stirring me I never found before
Ride another destiny along this blowing wind
Keep your parachute unwound to let the goodness in

Something missed the night a mystic rhythm of an honest man’s plight
Towing and sowing his misery in awkward frustrations blinding even obscurity
Death is all everywhere in every empty stair that attempts to read somewhere
Over my shoulder I realize I was the one who could Hypnotize

Sing me some more truth I love to taste its soil
Sing me some pretty song so I can just uncoil
Salutations bury me carry me deep inside my bed
Here there is no heartache, just everything you said

Revelle was born in Marshalltown Iowa in 1955, but his family moved to Los Angeles in 1964. His childhood was split between city life and working on the family’s farm during summer breaks for many years. Fascinated by religion from an early age his first experiences are shaped in small town churches where he begins his religious studies in various disciplines including Hinduism, Buddhism, Philosophy and Metaphysics. Music was also very much a part of his life, writing his first songs and performing them at the age of eight. At 7, he started writing plays and preforming them in his school at the behest of his teachers.
He currently lives in Los Angeles. He has a fictional novel titled Tantric Tales of Mahamudra which is awaiting publication and a collection of poetry titled 365 Days of Poetry to his credit.

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