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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ode to Saving by Spase Petroski

Ode to Saving by Spase Petroski

I sing a song, a joy I pour, for the wisdom of saving,
for the savers, for smart, for brave, for the heroes,
who acquired their wealth by wisdom and slyness,
he with courage and glory, had fought for the victory,
over the improvidence, bad luck and uncertain future.

The saving, my beautiful love, from my pipe get drunk yourself
the thoughts of you often raise us to the blue skies,
in every round we look you prettier, close to faith and hope,
honeyed heart waves and is looking for love for all enamored,
clear tears of joy, flow into the golden strings.

Good people who found a way to save something,
they found their muse protector also
that will give them serenity, beauty and spiritual peace,
that will gift them, a new kingdom in an ornate end,
that will gift them, a new dewy floral bud of God.

Primordial is the desire to save on something today, for the future,
to save today for tomorrow, for the future generations,
for our youngest, for our dearest, for their future,
for our future, the future of our homeland,
for growth and development, safety and happiness, for fertile ground.

By saving you breathe strength and power for wide action,
for victory of prosperity, good and secure tomorrow,
saved goods are boon for all of our close,
saved goods are as a heady fragrance, that spreads,
heady fragrance that is spiced with green ozone, which brings health.

Penny by penny, a spiral is build, and a huge flame in my soul
which victoriously rises itself to the heavenly saddle,
the brave heart starts after the track of the real saving,
from the depth of the soul a magnificent beauty springs,
in that moment the sadness and pain will disappear as lighting and thunder.

The saving takes, adorns and celebrates the whole area,
it spreads and adorns, permanently fills the handsome space,
the saving lights the consciousness strongly for the better tomorrow,
a strong desire for success lies in everyone’s heart,
for freedom, safety, for new and healthy investments.

Oh! God, hear our prays, give them strength and power,
give courage to saving crusaders, in the battle for profit,
give them the brightest stars to bring them through the heavenly arch,
anywhere on the earth a beauty to shines, a boon to be spread,
glory and honor to follow them, a song to be heard everywhere in the world.

Glory to saving with wonderful songs for any soul,
glory to the victory of austerity, praise for the believers,
you, the believers of saving, give us grace and blessing,
angelic psalms will celebrate the wealthy deposits,
praise and joy will be heard on the earth and heaven.

Oh, Saving! Mother of all new and healthy investments,
spread the news through loved homes, villages and towns,
spread it through factories and gardens, colorful expanses,
take hope for today, tomorrow, for safe eternity.
bring hope and joy, lucky and joyful youth.

Friends of saving come in to our wide circle,
feel around, expand the space,
open your soul, open your pores,
breathe deeply and strongly, fill your chests,
fill yourself with strong and healthy synergy, for new deeds.

A beautiful song is heard from the distance, a song which captures my soul
Go ahead, brothers savers, our faith will win everyone,
all those diligent, honest and smart, who believe in their future,
the faith for better freedom, unity and future will win them,
bringing the austerity a wonderful bright glow, everywhere.

And in that way, so confident, fulfilled spiritually, materially and morally
with clear thoughts and sound sense, with passionate and clear will
with blazing and glowing sparkles, friends and united strengths,
open their vision, open the sweet dreams,
and with winning gallop accomplish your desired goal.

Sweet and holly saving, we hold you with steady and firm hand,
because you bring us passionate love, peace and happiness,
you give us pleasant light, soft and wide bed,
you give us great justice and exalted freedom and luck,
you spread our delight everywhere around the world. 

He, who does not save, he cannot build his country,
we saved a lot, we spent a lot, but we created most,
we created worlds surrounded by stars, shined by the sun,
we rise to the heights with our view till the glow of the stars,
I circled with my view above the grand and golden creations.

The savers are strong revolutionaries, full with energy,
the world believes and follows them, because they are common boon,
because they are pure soul which is talking the truth,
their message is clear and the world receives it with joy,
and it gains clear instruction for the benefits of saving..
Saving is world’s boon, that builds beautiful towns,
it is the reason, many homes and nurseries to be illuminated,
it is a result, teacher, guardian of many good deeds,
it also makes all happy people, diligent, wise and honest,
and the people with sincere soul conscious and powerful.

You are honest, my beloved beauty, your deeds are glowing,
you turn the black into white and clear, ugly into beautiful,
the bad into good, the old into younger,
you make the less noble, entirely noble, 
and cooperate with gods for good of all.

A blessing is given by you to the brave, courageous, and strong
to all of your loyal subjects, you give honorable titles,
you put all of your followers to a valued place,
with bright and shiny halo on the domes of saving,
you solve the needs and demands of the humanity.

You, my beauty, spread beauty and freshness everywhere,
you build hospitals, you cure the sick, you give hope to everyone,
you turn the unhappy to happy, build them future
with pure love for light, for freedom, for tomorrow,
your strength and power, with bright fire is brining over the world.

Any successful effort for saving will surely give profit,
any security lies on the tenets of saving
our high and durable balances are fed by the saving,
and so spiritually and materially rich we go forward,
because the rich person does not beg for justice and freedom.

God, you call for saving, and we follow you with faith,
ready for distant road ,the saving is the beginning and the end,
the saving is my labor, the saving is my hope,
therefore, we build the saving, for the increase of the reserves,
a deep sense is hidden in the saving reserve.

Only with saving our value is increased,
only the saving is the guardian of our goods,
with the saving, you cannot be raised by doubt,
the despair is rejected with it, and the optimism comes
only with saving a better world is found, a new life is born.

The saving is strength and power, it is an ultimate supreme goal,
it is a common good, for all sincere and faithful souls,
it is a slender stature, which shines all day and night,
the saving is equivalent to the honesty and value,
equivalent to the goodness, sweetness and innocence.

Dear saving, only you can open heavy doors,
just you can open wide fronts of investments for the future,
only you and your twin sister, smart accumulation,
give diversity, beauty and sense of life,
you extend the horizon of light, glow and knowledge. 

The money saver is not penny pincher, but a visionary who thinks about tomorrow,
the saving today worth as much as it will bring benefit tomorrow,
we save today in order to be richer and happier tomorrow,
we save a little today to have more tomorrow, in the future,
what is saved today should be wisely spent tomorrow.

Let’s enjoy in the beautiful gifts, that saving offers,
to live a careless life which God gives us,
he turns the ugly into beautiful, the old into young and pretty,
he turned the cowardice into courage, strengthens the faith,
brings power ,faith, and strength to weak and exhausted.

A moment of happiness comes, a moment when the centuries are turned into years
the years into months, the months into weeks, and the weeks into full days,
the days of new joy, days filled with a healthy life,
Supreme God gift them days of happiness and eternal peace,
because only the savers first deserve your blessing.

The saving tempts the smile, creates eternal satisfaction,
with love, with harmony and peace, for your wide supreme gathering,
bridges of happiness will always be built and restored,
join and gather together, create happy friendship,
bring happiness ,pleasure and hope in your and our home.

The saving offers successful harvest of true values,
it is priceless wealth and happiness to all people,
it is an asset preserved from all colors and hues,
it brings progress ,which is a source of all treasures,
and the profit that the saving brings is a boon for all.

Who offers all his savings for knowledge, he had found God,
knowledge gives confidence ,the truth is born, the freedom comes,
the knowledge widely opens the alter of mind’s freedom,
give me your hands, brothers-savers, your strong and clean hands, the time has come,
a brotherhood to be created ,let the delicious food be a knowledge.

There is a saving that is a faith, treasure for all desires,
for all the benefits, for real relaxation, for joyful meetings,
for interesting trips and pleasant experiences, for happiness,
for beautiful homes and harmonic clothes, for nice accommodation and equipment,
there are boundaries and stations, but there is saving also.

Only with saving there is not so much or too much surplus,
it is an optimum, that always creates a new value,
it is a good that fertilizes itself time and time again,
it is a health which creates a healthy and strong generation,
it is a new thread for branching the tree of joy.

The saving creates an asset that has creative power,
it is a common denominator for all goods,
the treasure of any nation depends on the saving,
the saving makes every nation powerful and reputable,
it builds the bridges, it brings together the people and nations.

Dear, your saving is holy and it develops intensively,
it is presented and respected admirably everywhere in this white world,
the saving raises golden bridges with invisible love,
with its side-splitting joy it joins the hearts and brings happiness,
a new sun will shine, new rays will flow like a river.

The saving is a sponsor of all beauties and valuable changes,
it is a sponsor of all values in any happy community,
the saving is a main median around which are interlaced,
the political, intellectual and social ideals,
and through the saving the moral values are protected.

The saving is strong and visible, with heavenly force, bright and sweet,
it finds force immediately and it puts up like a firm pillar to the sky
it discovers roads ,brings joy, spreads hope among young,
joined together like a brothers we will form a holy alliance,
in front of the future, this reality will not be embarrassed.

The saving is a mentor for accumulation of new knowledge,
for creation of new intelligence and young capable staff,
for establishing and application of new science and technology,
for establishing of new scientific and technical discoveries,
for creation of conditions for better and more humane life.

The saving is a medium, through which an investment is made,
through which new products and values are created,
through saving the community is enriched and protected,
the servants and saints are animated by the saving,
the saving will create a happy and prosperous country.

The saving is always an obligation, an obligation of the common sense,
the saving is always a movement ,a movement along the real road,
a movement through wavy meadows and playful starry skies.
the saving is a holiness and paradise ,the saving is bright glow,
with kind and smart people who do not neglect the future.

All the obstacles that life brings and sets,
are easily skipped regular saving,
the crimson flag of saving is a symbol of honest love,
of love toward universal human opportunities and necessities,
all savers joined together are perfect and fair citizens.

Let’s plant a seed for new works, a thirst for knowledge and love,
for all young to come from south, east, from north and west,
words from the mouth to pour, for God’s glory, for heroes,
the brave hearts go after the track of the real saving,
from the depth of the soul magnificent beauty will emerge.

The saving calls, gives impetus, encourages and proclaims,
winners, messiahs, heroes, leaders, peacemakers and sages,
who change and beautify the environment and the world,
and all the other who step on the way to brighter future,
with saving the poverty is exceeded and a paradise is built.

If you think that you have no perspective, no future,
rely on the saving, look for it in the saving,
because the saving is a postulate for your future,
give your confidence, see your future,
the saving is a security and it will never let you down.

The idealism encourages and raises the level of saving,
the realism emphasizes the benefits of the saving,
the saving represents elevated current doctrine,
a doctrine which is never boring or violent,
it is used and idealized by everyone, and everyone delights of it.

Diligent savers, now, in this moment, in this crucial hour,
raise a third barricade to protect us from the crisis,
which knocks on every door, which brings weakness and poverty,
protect us from this monster, give help to all of us,
because you have opportunities and because only you can do it.

As everything in this song is immortal and should live,
and a modern life also affirms the desire,
the clear will for a new saving and a new creation.
Savers! Your duty toward the humanity is clear,
your intellect is to the reasonable, which opens all the doors.

Merciful Jesus, give help to all loyal savers,
and open them the doors of the paradise, because they, the savers,
built the past, and set a bedrock for the future,
Oh! Dear God! If they had sins or made mistakes,
forgive them, because they did them for the others.

Savers, cheerful and reasonable, your thoughts are clean and clear,
your thoughts are honest and as innocent as a child’s soul,
your duty toward all others and toward yourself is clear,
faithful friends profess saving, speak future,
pronounce a bright future because a new spring comes.

Dear Savers! Faithful friends! Brothers of ours!
access to our ranks, from all over the world,
assemble to our circle, stand under our flag,
all savers and associations from all around the world,
from different regions, join to the international saving.

The saving, before and above, before and above everything in life,
for equality, for wellbeing, for better life,
for brotherhood, freedom and harmony, for happiness in life,
the saving is healthy and happy mother of all goods,
and a good children are those who constantly promote her.

The saving alliance is a force that strengthens the democracy,
the saving alliance is a symbol of a freedom and progress,
the saving alliance will climb on the pedestal,
the saving alliance can see the future,
the saving alliance will share and implement the justice.

Dear Brothers-Savers! Smart and sensible heroes,
your means are basis for the existence of the society,
your final goal is not only the survival of the society, but also a progress,
we do not have final goal ,we are bold evolutionists,
we will always search for new and higher means and laws.

Dear Brothers-Savers! You are honest people and you have a goal,
people with a burning heart, young in spirit and a pure wisdom,
you are people that always accomplish their holy aims,
you are relatives of Moses who will greet the bright morning,
you will all together get to the promised land where the paradise is placed.

Oh!a dearest new friend, you also bring new deeds, for a new power,
for the new deeds, for the new power, our heart and our soul pine,
about new successful reforms a new power and force is needed,
the successful reforms are deed to the services of the mind of saving,
the result of that type of reforms is a high standard in the life.

Happy are those who save in youth and old age,
because only they are conscience about the meaning and aim of the life,
hard to those who lost their faith in the saving,
because they lost the meaning and purpose in the life also,
therefore, dear brothers, focus yourself toward the aim of the life.

Come here, savers, young and old, large and small,
come here and accept this brotherly sincere call,
this call is for you, your way to be paved for your own good,
ready for action ,joined together for the good deeds,
new fruits for the saving will be born, fruits for you.

Brothers-Savers! Sons of the freedom, faithful to their kind,
the lifetime begins and ends with glare for the saving,
it always brings hope and joy, brings brightness and happiness,
friends, access to the courageous army of savers,
to protect our eternal and sacred homes.

He, who cannot understand the mind of the reasonable,
will surely understand the pure soul of the saver,
the person who never saved has no orientation in the life,
the saving gives strength and power, the saving is from a blessed kind,
from the God ,our Lord sent with frank greeting, dear saver.

The soul of the saver is fragile, full with longing and passion,
it is lit and it stands forever on the swift wings of time,
that soul gives blessed strength from the supreme God,
that grateful soul from the nectar of wisdom grows,
and it resembles to the golden lyre, with strong and playful strings.

The money is cheaper and profitable if they are from the saving,
every saving is good, because it creates a good deed,
but what kind of saving you will do, that kind of offspring you will get.
Are you savers, do you regularly and earnestly save?
Why is the saving treasure, why it is a paradise?

Under the blue sky, a new spring comes, a new flourishing life,
where there is equal place for all savers and their relatives,
the fruits of the saving will belong to you and your relatives,
our country will crop abundant fruits with a blessing,
and our soul will silently wave and rejoice for the saving.

Libertarian call echoes, the saving given from God spreads,
the saving sweetens and frees the soul from restraints and shackles,
it opens new horizons, it is a connection between the past and the present,
we wear the gathered savings in our armpits, we feed it as a baby,
we keep it and like it, we stroke and multiply it, and put it on a throne.

Savers! Friends! Blend gently into one innocent soul,
which steps toward the Gods, toward their eternal kingdom,
the strong soul with passionate thing flames the spirit and the echo,
the joyful saver will approach to the heavenly glittering palaces,
the saving will soar toward eternity the life will pass in happiness.
The saga always and everywhere celebrated and praised the saving
a song for smart and brave savers, the fighters of the future,
it always multiplies the benefits, it liberates us from the suffering,
in a dawn a red wine will be drunk and a cheerful song will be sung,
in the dawn the golden sun will shine with a wide smile.

You ,the new savers approach to the horizons of the muse,
because the endless fields of the muse will be opened,
from the endless flowering gardens, and clear streams and rivers,
the muse will weave you wonderful and colorful fresh wreaths,
from your glare the whole darkness will be lightened.

Savers, you, the leaders of the good, protectors of the beauty,
in your consciousness there is neither anger, hatred, pain, nor pain,
there is no corruption, conflict, contradiction or a gap,
the big fame and hope gently touches and strokes your hearts,
in your chests wakes up the sweetest cheerful love,
golden savers, the saving takes time, you are lucky.

Bold fighters will carry the new saving through time and space,
a new sun will shine, the new rays will flow as a river,
the holly light will pour the de

Spase Petroski, based in Macedonia, is a sing writer.

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