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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Poems By Manish Kumar Kishan Singh

Poems By Manish Kumar Kishan Singh

The Show

Yet again, drums go
in remand of beaters,
and scream through
their lifeless, burdened skin.

Teenage hands sweep
sun stricken face of tar,
to form a nucleus;
in concentrated streets of city.

Aspiration walks on rope,
holding bamboos of desire.
And future swings in occupied space;
between toes and fingers

Few fingers go between teeth,
and palms oscillate to clap.
But her skin burns in usual,
adhesive stares of glued eyes,
scanning her breathing hunger;
peeping through her wrinkled poverty.

The magnetic performance ends,
with a hope of metallic down pour,
but clouds of indifference,
pass with few scanty drizzles.

Restless Night

Restlessness stretches again,
in dim yellow light of my room.
I open shutters of windows,
in the darkness of new day,
to bring some fresh air,
on my operating table,
where a heap of naked sheets,
lie open for germination.

Again I chase dark outlines,
swarming on off white walls.
Somewhere a rat is consuming,
my history and culture.

Eyes stare the static fan,
yawning over the cold roof of my face,
and a spider doing meditation;
in a secured corner.

A small stubborn star,
still wants to perform few scenes.
But it fades in strong beams,
of light thrown on stage.

Bhadauria Manish Singh, (born 1982 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat), is a poet and short story writer. Currently, he is pursuing his doctorate on the Indian English Poetry of Jayanta Mahapatra. He has published several short stories and poems in many literary magazines and journals including Nazar Look, Indian Rumination, Tajmahal Review, and Harvest of New Millennium. He has also presented his research papers at more than twenty national and international conferences. He has also published his first poetry collection called “World: Inner and Outer” in 2012 published by

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