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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Towers by Bruce Louis Dodson

The Towers by Bruce Louis Dodson

Here again and gone again
Flag waving and important people
Heroes . . . victims
Tears and names engraved in brass
Immortal now
For giving up their lives
For nothing
At the wrong place
At the same time
At their desks
At work
What a terrible place to die
There are no good ones.

It’s become a sort of celebration of observance
We relive that awful day
In color
From the same safe distance
On our televisions . . . as before.
Almost commercial now
We’ve seen the show
So many times
The towers falling
So close to our hearts
And yet so far away
Has it not yet been seen enough?

Some day this tragedy will morph into
Another Hindenburg, Titanic and Pearl Harbor
The Columbia explosion
Our collage of major tragedies
With emotional half lives.

Author’s Bio
 Bruce Dodson, based in Seattle, Washington (US), is an artist/photographer who writes fiction and poetry. His works have appeared in Sein und Werden (UK), Kerouac's Dog Magazine (UK), Breadline Press West Coast Poetry Anthology, Blue Collar Review (Winter), Centrifugal Eye (September), Chantarelle's Notebook #23, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine (October), Pearl Literary Magazine #44, Pulsar Poetry #60 Pulsar Webzine #8 (UK), Struggle (Winter), Palehouse (October) etc.

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