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Sunday, March 4, 2012

CLRI March 2012

Contemporary Literary Review India March 2012
Editorial Mar 2012
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It is typical of human folk that we prepare our mind set in a certain way and that we refuse to jerk from such yoke easily whether the reason may be genuine. I recall a very apt remark about this behaviour by Dr Dalip K Khetrapal, a writer, during a discussion with him over telephone when he said, “Actually we refuse to grow, so we cannot grow.”
Poems Towers by Bruce Louis Dodson
Here again and gone again
Daily Pilgrimage to Great Mother by Helen Estrada
For some, it is the Nachi.
Others, the Jordan, Ganges, Lourdes . . .
Two Poems by Jason Alan Wilkinson
Wake me
To A Circadian Rhythm
Satyagraha by Mark L.O. Kempf
Gandhi turns his head
to look past his inquisitors.
Two Poems by John Stock
One day

Short Story A Modern Princess by Anne Whitehouse
Once upon a time a girl was born to a well-to-do family in a lush, tropical country. She was the eldest child and ardently desired. Her infancy did not cause any trouble; she slept, suckled, smiled, was alert and good-natured, and cried only when hungry or tired, but as she had a doting mother and a nurse who anticipated her needs, this rarely occurred.
Fiction & Art The Floor Plan: A Fiction by Bharati Kapadia
It started with a plan. A floor plan to be exact. Floor plan of my house based on the plan of a temple in India, or Bharat as it was known years ago. My name is Bharati, which is also one of the names of the goddess of learning and wisdom popularly as Saraswati.
Arts Ivan de Monbrison
Two artistic works
Criticsim Criticsm by Khandakar Shahin Ahmed
Identity and the Strategies of Bio-politics: A Reading of Temsula Ao’s These Hills Called Home: Stories from a War Zone.
Book Review Review on Hullabaloo In The Guava Orchard by Aakanksha Singh
Kiran Desai’s debut novel Hullabaloo In The Guava Orchard, does not come close to her 2nd novel The Inheritance of Loss which won her the Booker Prize.
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