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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Daily Pilgrimage to Great Mother by Helen Estrada

Daily Pilgrimage to Great Mother by Helen Estrada
For some, it is the Nachi.
Others, the Jordan, Ganges, Lourdes . . .
or Sea of Galilee.
But for me, there is only You.

Smell of wind. And wet. And rock signal home.
White foam arms cradle my shipwrecked arrival.
Rip tides push and expand, coaxing me to do the same.
Ringlets of golden kelp sink down your spine
and freckles of sand and brine dance upon your smiling cheeks.

I climb onto your lap.
I drop anchor.

You lick my stranded dreams with your cold curing tongue.
Wetness cools the bloodied gashes.
Honeycomb etchings on craggy reef reveal your age and wisdom.

I am a cast away, an empty vessel.
You revive me with another sunrise, filling my bucket with bliss.

Then with a great shove, you throw me back onto shore.
Your bottomless love crashing upon me.
Leaving me to brave another day, to fulfill my purpose.

Author’s Bio
Helen Estrada's background is in business. However she has been writing since a young age and is now taking her work as a poet and freelance writer more seriously. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California. Her work has been published
in UNBOUND and the poetry anthology Beacons Beyond, in addition to many other forthcoming publications in other journals. Her writings strive to portray the beauty in all things with a focus on the oneness of humanity.

To download this poem by Helen Estradain PDF, click CLRI March 2012


  1. I just had to know it that you're a great poet!

  2. Beautiful and engaging.

  3. Thank you so much! I'm so pleased you enjoy this piece!

  4. "cradle my shipwrecked arrival"


    "lick my stranded dreams"


  5. yay ~ this was fun!


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