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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Three Poems by Krishna Keerthi

Three Poems by Krishna Keerthi

Take a Moment
Unlucky were the moments,
That passed away in haste,
Most of them, worth cherishing,
Yet perished in waste.

The world as it seeks,
something new every moment,
But hates to take a peek,
At the happening dents.

There's no one here thinking,
Let living, far off,
Just some living things existing,
Nothing else left on this turf.
Seek something new,
Why not from the old,
And still you'll be surely among few,
Who'd then say, surely it's gold.

Where the world finds thunders,
You could reveal love,
And still make people wonder,
As you did it, but how.

Belief is what you need,
To show the world you can,
Rise up this moment's pride,
To ride your "luck sedan".

Pretty Woman
The one in the lead role,
The saviour of my heart,
To cure, you were here, my soul,
Never will we be apart.

Life's never been so easy,
Neither so confusing,
For the happy smiles we had,
Were always so relieving,
And the tears we had shared,
Everytime had a meaning.

For time as it apppears,
An athlete on a marathon,
Without any end,
Running for that honking horn,
Since our journey started,
Never given it a chance to burn.

For there might once come a time,
Where seconds hold their hands to stop that minute,
And still we won't find the answer,
For the unknown fight of a secret.

To forgive is divine,
As people say,
Don't let go off this heart of mine,
As I pray,
For you've been the one I'd always found so fine,
Do come back once the devil's took it's way,
And we'll walk again those old rains,
With the showers of memories, weighing forever the same.

The Monsoons
Don't know where it started,
As the drained drops in the clouds,
From some unknown place,
By some unknown flames.

Reached out into the skies,
Empty and hollow there above,
Gathered all in thrive,
To get back again.

Showered on to the earth,
Some place unknown,
But deeds onto their minds,
On what had to be done.

Some to drench the thirst,
Some on to the heat-burst,
Some into a puddle,
Together, out in a huddle.

Finding others in a pot,
Of the earth's beauty plot,
Gush together in a flow,
Nothing that could slow.

Rushing through the streams,
Rivers and other means,
Carrying the sweet and pure,
Waters to bring along the lure.

Had it not been for the oceans,
The sweet and pure which were the waters,
Of these raindrops,
Had to be salted for His funs.

Such has been my love to you,
Started out of nowhere,
And reached out to where
It met you, and unknowingly grew.

Then reached out to share,
The beauty found so rare,
Happiness bound with it,
Heart's delight and treat.

Salt could never be sweet,
Beauty, you needn't add to,
Beholds, beneath itself,
Embrace is all you've got to do

Author’s Bio: Krishna Keerthi is doing Electronic and Communication Engineering at TRR Engineering College in Hyderabad. He started writing at the age of 17, while doing his intermediate. His initial interest was with romantic works, but then turned writing all his passion.

Krishna finds that life has become so non-organic in the modern concrete civilisation that people seem to be less reactive to feelings missing the real life. He suggests to take everyone a moment for oneself in Take a Moment. He is dreamy in the bright sunshine in Pretty Woman, and is broken heart in The Monsoon. He posts his works on his blog

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