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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Review on Pinocchio 3D by David Gallo

Review on Pinocchio 3D by David Gallo

Pinocchio 3D: Collodi’s classic becomes an iPad application!
Here comes the multimedia adventures of the most famous puppet in the world.

“Pinocchio 3D”, iPad application produced by Avagliano Editore (from autumn 2011 on
Apple Store), through illustrations and music especially created, thirteen beautiful
animated scenes, full of details, with surprising characters and evocative setting, still
presents all characteristics of the original novel. But it is eriche by a lot of new involving
occasions to play and interact. This application ,which is unique on the market, offers:
  • Sophisticated 3d scenes – you do not need to use 3d glasses –with particles, shader, animations and physics support
  • “Read to Me” option: you can choose an automatic reading of the whole book
  • Complete customization: you can switch on/off music, sound effects and narrator’s voice
  • Index of scenes and chapters available at any time
  • Wonderful recited narration in English and Italian
  • 10 amazing original soundtracks
  • 23 spectacular, original and interactive illustrations
  • Full interactive scenes, figures, characters and objects
  • 3D engine management app
  • Full and original book text in English and Italian
  • Selection of up to three different colored bookmarks
  • Easy and intuitive interface for navigating the book
The application for iPad "Pinocchio 3D" is designed for users of all ages. Born from the imagination of Carlo Collodi, the world’s most famous fairy tale is in fact a children's book very loved by adults because it represents a colorful metaphor of the life, with its variety of characters and fantastic places.

Tradition and innovation fit perfectly in this product from childhood to adult age to offer timeless emotions.

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