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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pot of Gold by Ron Felton

Pot of Gold (Poem) by Ron Felton

Yes the panic hit me first when I heard her
Fear taking it’s place at my core
And the tear factory roared into life
I am losing the woman to be my wife
Moments before were full of excitement in me
Wanting to draw even closer to my bride to be
The one who I had always dreamed of
Rejecting me
So much feeling and care lead to numbness
Alone I wandered looking for something to feel
As the tears filled my core
Putting out any flame or pilot light
How can this be right I wonder
That a love so strong has been made weakest
Needing more or less
I search for nothing
And find it here
Loving her so much I allow her to go
Through numbness and torrents of tear
Waiting for what is next
Next to nothing
My rainbow a band of colorless lines
My pot of gold left empty

Author’s Bio: Ron Felton is a writer. This poem is about a romance that seems to have ended for the writer.

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