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Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Great Recession by Allabhya Ghosh

The Great Recession by Allabhya Ghosh

Paying huge medical bills?
Waste away your scarce savings. Through
These rivers — all polluting.
Remember the Texan scoundrel millionaire JR in the TV series “Dallas”?
His aspirations?
The banks printed Quantity—paper money
And leverage. Prostitutes and drug addicts —
Creations of too much poverty and too much money.
Forget that people care more about the
Quality, of life and basic values of
Honesty and Integrity in the early morning of Twenty-first century
Growth for growth’s sake.
The toxic products created — all financial.
The toxic products created — all environmental.
Greed and arrogance of the Wall Street Madoffs.
The investment bankers thought that
Golden parachutes were their birth-rights.
Rather a privilege from the trust
Of the people. Anger of the rural masses.
Large white mansions with Roman columns and
Gilded French furniture.
Huge losses. What use these when
News channels report suicides by stockholders.
Sufferers — the publics.
Mental and physical. I can feel.
Ecocosm — so fragile.
Economists and professionals prominent galore.
Wanting at the corporate governance.
The earth lost. Can we be far behind?
Trust? Where it is now?
Consumption resulting into
‘Zero Sum game’.

Born in 1976, Kolkata, Allabhya Ghosh writes screenplays, stories and have worked as an Assistant Director in the short film "Amatir Katha" which was screened at the 14th Kolkata Film Festival. He has worked as a screenplay writer for a Bengail Television Channel and acted in many Bengali films and serials.

Now Allabhya works as a Director and Producer of Bengali films. His poems, novel and stories have been published in many national and international magazines. His favorite hobbies are clay modeling and drawing.
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  2. Very well penned poem on the crisis ridden capitalist system caught in the illusion of monetary theory. The fundamental flaw of the mainstream economics is that it is based on craze for growth that has failed to deliver either happiness or well-being. The so called industrial revolution, urbanization and the misuse of resources has unleashed pollution of air, water and soil, degradation of environment, depletion of resources, urban congestion, creation of slum, increase in crimes and social disorders, and mental and physical illness.

  3. this is very poor poem

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