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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Poems by Rizvana Parveen

Poems by Rizvana Parveen


This world is not
a utopia of dreams;
dreams shatter here
every day,
sorrows never end
emotions are shriveled,
hope is an illusion,
unknown is the
divine design.
To choose is
the only choice left
between right and wrong;
love and fate; and
duty and desire.


She sleeps in peace
without any clue
in the silence of her grave,
she rests without any protests.
Happily wedded was she and
was carrying a baby,
her days were in expectation
of pleasure, pain and caution;
she tripped and fell
into the death-knell,
her lifeless baby was blue
so was her hue;
together, they lie without breath
in the arms of death.

Garbage bins

They are no longer
filled with rotten
vegetables, stale leftovers,
torn slippers, plastic bags,
dead rats or broken toys;
but with discarded
female fetuses and
abandoned baby girls.


The depth of a sea
the expanse of celestial horizon
are beyond comprehension and anticipation;
farther still are the spreading stretch of the earth
and certain unreachable domains and orbits.
A throbbing heart, a captivating fleeting glance
uncovers distances.

Rizvana Parveen is an Indian poet based in the UAE. Her works have appeared in Taj Mahal Review, The Enchanting Verses Literary Review, The World Haiku Review, Asian American Poetry and Kafla Intercontinental (Forthcoming).
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