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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Three Poems by Rinzu Rajan

Three Poems by Rinzu Rajan

A Carnival of Cliff Hangers

It's a vicious circle
rotating around my sun
a black beast sheds its skin
to dramatize a fa├žade,
a character charade
scripted into nine lives
she sinks into the soil
succumbing to sorrow
and out of her sores
she soars into the stratosphere.

There is dark sunshine
which leads to colour blindness,
there is rainbow that is near yet so far
curtained behind the cold sun.

It has stayed like chilling fever,
nine times death
and a nine timed resurrection,
taping me into loose tights,
It's what others call a circus
and I, a cliff hanger carnival.

The Lost Sheep and the Shepherd

Activism advances
on the carriage of change
amidst colour blindness
a battalion of buffoons
play hide and seek
as per impersonated instructions.

Cocks crow through lurid loudspeakers
candle clay drips in convulsion
as the youth proclaim a parrot's polly
reciting verses in eruptive excitement
and follow as a flock of frozen fossils
behind an ambitious autocrat,
who they have christened as Messiah
or a fairy God mother with a magic wand.

Unmindful of implications that
vilifies their vulnerability
impeaching democracy as a drab,
they launch a leap, thousands of lost sheep,
the wind blows in the westward wilderness
requiring revolution in reckless rooting
they want to cry through the corrosion
but how many of them actually know
that they themselves are the rusted relics
of a rotten resolution
hardly a few maybe.

Black Eye Theory

Don't know if black eye
is an episode in the universe
or a verse from my vestry,
fire fumes on my floor
charring the cross and cure,
my mouth quivers in
migraine madness,
I've bled like water
and slept with my foe
the one that has slashed me
into slices and
sold me to the butcher.

I do not understand rubric reasons
and those that give them,
I've forgiven and forgotten
from my plate of feed
despite this,
swallowing my sea in a sip,
They say my hand will be held
one day, as I wonder
who will hold
this amputated arm?

Author's Bio: Rinzu Rajan writes in an attempt to sear away from the boundaries of cliche. Research in the field of biology and feminist activism occupy the rest of her time and devotion. Despite the lack of formal training, Rinzu has written poetry in over 30 forms. Her work has featured in Bicycle Review, Houston Literary Review, Barnwood Review, Red River Review, Muse India, Green Silk Review and Asia Writes amongst others. She has an anthology 'Gestures' to her credit with four other poets.

Her upcoming features include A Spinster Act in Penwoood Review, Cursed Daughter of Eve and An Ode to a Woman’s Veil in Melusine and “Child Bride” and “Grandmother” in Message in a Bottle poetry magazine.

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