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Sunday, June 10, 2012

CLRI June 2012

Contemporary Literary Review India June 2012
Editorial June 2012
Best Selling eWriters by Khurshid Alam
I would first like to narrate a story here to make my point clear.
Three Poems by Changming Yuan
The Call of a Crow
Self-Rebuilding: A Bodhi Poem
Epilogues: A Parallel Poem
The Image and the Form by Vinita Agrawal
I switch off the Television
as if laying Mara1 to rest
The Postman by Manohar Bhatia
Neither Google nor Yahoo
Has diminished or out-stepped
Two Poems by K Pankajam
A Monument
Two Poems by Zachary Kluckman
Forgiveness is a Small Boat
The Sun is a Bug on the Windshield
Three Poems by Rinzu Rajan
A Carnival of Cliff Hangers
The Lost Sheep and the Shepherd
Black Eye Theory
Three Poems by Denver Ejem Torres
The River Fish in Mongolia Have Haloes
Why Armstrong went to the Moon
Two Poems by Timothy Ogene
Man in the Mirror
Time Ticks
Three Short Stories by Kyle Hemmings
Manga Girls Need Love: Snitch & Forget You Are
Manga Girls Need Love: He Drops Over with All his Baggage & Your Old Wounds
Manga Girls Need Love: Rina, a Tall Buzz-fly Girl Who Never Goes Short in the City
Locked-in Syndrome by Dr. Rashid Askari
When I came to my senses, I discovered myself as a mummified corpse in a supine posture.
A Karmayogi by S. Krishnamoorthy Aithal
Alone in his study-cum-bedroom, Nitesh was calculating, as he waited to hear the news of the...
The Quest for Intimacy by Dr. Pratyush Vatsala
Intimacy may be seen as eternal and universal search of Man for his existential roots.
Arts by Eleanor Leonne Bennett
Three arts pieces by E L Bennett
Book Review
Review on NATURE by Bernard M Jackson
The respected Editor of that excellent Indian English International literary Journal,...
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CLRI June 2012

Featured Author

Lost in Seattle 



Bruce L Dodson

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Lost in Seattle - A novel that traces social turmoil that started with economic recession in America in  2008 and impacted the society for ever.
Our Literary Partners

Wasafiri New Writing Prize 2012
Categories: Poetry, Fiction and Life Writing - 3000 words max or 5 poems max.
Deadline - 5pm GMT on 27 July 2012.
Prize - £300 per category and publication in Wasafiri.

The Wasafiri New Writing Prize is open to anyone worldwide who has not published a complete book and we are looking for creative submissions in one of three categories: POETRY, FICTION and LIFE WRITING. The fee for entry varies depending on the number of categories you wish to enter and ranges from UK Sterling £6 to £15. The closing date is 5pm GMT on 27 July 2012. The winners will receive £300 each and their work will be published in Wasafiri.
Submission is through filling an entry form. Download the Entry Form from:

However you can send us an email for enquiries. Always address your email to and keep in loop.

JKC College
is organizing
5th International Poetry Festival
in collaboration with
Contemporary Literary Review India

The 5th International Poetry Festival invites writers and poets from all over the world. We aim to promote writers and their writings so we accept all forms, formats, and styles. However we give preference to innovative styles in poetry. For details, check at: Literary Partners.

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