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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Two Poems by Dr. Girish Ramesh Kute

Two Poems by Dr. Girish Ramesh Kute

Gold Dust

A spill of gold dust emblazoned in the shy dusk,
washed in a sable attire as she takes over,
dull sapphirine corundum sprinkling mists,
gleaming in the barely lit moon.
a melee of these azures, ebonies, gold-shower,
as I stroll the midnight street,
the boulevard of lost generation,
relived with the stroke of the bell,
of an unseen basilica,
the winds that push me back in time,
through the golden age of Pablo and Stein,
where everything inspired assertiveness,
every module of air breathed rich, exotic,
and rains,
that wetted the soul, and not just mere mortal,
i visited my peace, my ambition—
to stay entranced in my surrealism, forever.


Humming through the dawned paddy fields,
As she leaves the pail bearing spinsters behind,
Uniformed, hair pony tailed with a red ribbon,
Swaying her bag, hop, step and jump,
Steps towards literacy, leaps towards light,
She doesn’t think that forward,
She thinks of the mid-day meal in store for her today,
Of the new friends she made yesterday,
Of the new anklets she is wearing,
Of the new slate she will write on,
She thinks of the song the teacher sang,
She remembers the tune but minces the words,
She thinks of her class under the peepal tree,
Of the prayer she says before and after class,
Asking god to make her country prosperous,
She is excited, she is happy,
A big smile on her face,
Keep smiling Pinky.
But there are a million Pinkies,
Nipped in the bud,
Tomb-ed in the womb,
Not as lucky as this Pinky,
Fail to see the light of the day.
Stop female foeticide,
Help Pinky.

Author’s Bio: Dr. Girish Ramesh Kute, is a 23-year-old doctor from Mumbai and is the author of Poems- Mon Premier Travail. Has been published in various magazines, e-zines, literary journals such as Fried Eye, frogcroon, epigram, Enchanting Verses, Taj Mahal Review, Fancy Realms etc. He was a FIVE time Voices net international poetry contest finalist of eight entries. His work has been translated into Telugu which featured in The Deccan Chronicle’s special edition Kavya Jagathi twice, which features poets from all around the world.

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